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desidual bleeding?

Hi. I'm new to this app. My husband and I really want to have a baby.
Here's my story: I'm 27. I have been on birth control for years. I stopped taking the pill in January and had my period from the 24th-29th. We had sex Feb 10, 11, 13 and 14th. I ovulated Feb 15th. I have had all kinds of pregnancy symptoms since. Nausea, aversion to peanut butter, nipple tingling and soreness, etcetera. I still feel pregnant. Yesterday I had super light spotting. Last night I started bleeding brown,what looks like old blood. Nothing the 1st time I went pee this a.m. but about 2 hours ago dark red like a period. I was waiting until tomorrow to take a test since I'm not sure when my period would be due because of being on the pill for so long.
I read up on what's called desidual or hormonal bleeding. It looks like period bleeding,but lasts for 1 or 2 days. It is also called 1st trimester bleeding. It happens for about 3 months when the period is due. I am so afraid that I may not be pregnant. My husband and I want this so much, me being pregnant. Has anyone else had this type of bleeding and still been pregnant?
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Bump. I just read that putting that word in a comment can bump it up so more people can ee it. I'm so scared. I hope someone sees this soon.
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I haven't had any bleeding this pregnancy but with my first two I bled for a few months during the pregnancy  around the time of my period..and found out that it runs in my family. just a bit of advise don't necessarily try to get pregnant cause the stress from trying so hard could delay it from happening. let things happen naturally...and good luck
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Relax it can take a year to 2 years to get pregnant after starting actively trying. If you get pregnant straight away then great but most woman I know had to try for at least 6 months after stopping taking the pill. Good luck and relax
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My husband and I tried for 7 months before I got pregnant.  I had also been on birth control for years and years.  My friends at work told me to get Preseed.  It's a special kind of lube.  The first time we used it, I got pregnant.   Good luck!
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Thanks, ladies. That helped me feel a bit better. We weren't trying exactly, but it'd be amazing if it happened for us this fast. Ya know? I'm just really hoping. The bleeding has me somewhat doubtful at this point, though. This *****. Hopefully I've stopped bleeding and can test tomorrow. Even if it's negative when I do get to test, I'll try again after a few days. I've been stressing while waiting to test, so that isn't helping any.
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If you ovulated on Feb 15th you could be experiencing implantation bleeding and you will not show a positive....you need to wait at least another 2 weeks and try the clear blue digital test..  the one that says 1-2 weeks pregnant...ect....I normally do implantation bleeding about the time your experiencing it and it does look at act some what like a period but feels different at the same time.  Good luck!
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