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did you eat healthy?

Ok ladies did you eat healthy during pregnancy? If you did not what was the outcome of it? I eat whatever i want and once in a while veggies. Im 29 weeks and i feel good.
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The veggies and fruits are to help the baby grow and develop!  It's not so much about how you feel but about how good they are for your babies brain and bones and growth! I eat veggies and fruit everyday without fail and yes sometimes I'll have a bad day and eat junk but I'll make up for it the next day. You are growing a baby, if you can then it's best to give them a healthy chance at life.
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I ate 90% fantastic through the first 28wks with my son but then my health went to crap and I had complications. I was too tired to cook and with no family support and husband working, he would just bring home junk food for dinner. So for the last 7wks of that pregnancy diet was not great. Delievered a healthy baby boy though and 13mths later he's 75th percentile for hight and weight and no issues.
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I have to say this pregnancy tho, I feel like I have no choice to eat extremely healthy. My son eats whatbi eat and I don't want him eating junk so we have fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy every day so this pregnancy has probably benefited from that a lot.
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I'm 27 weeks and I try to eat healthy every day. But sometimes I need some junk food!
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I was extremely healthy before pregnancy and as much as I try to be now I do have the odd days where carbs and general junk are my friend. I feel so tired and drained most of the time a salad just doesn't make me feel full of energy :-( plus side every drink I have gives me such bad heartburn I only have water and a small cup of coffee on a morning and that may not even stay down with sickness. I guess you have to find that balance with food while pregnant but its hard due to things not tasting the same or the smell putting you off things. X
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I think that eating healthy is extremely important right now. Eating whatever you want might get you a healthy baby at birth, but what about your child's growth and development for the rest of their life? I was recommended a book prior to being pregnant called feeding baby green. It explains why good nutrition is important for fetal development. I have also watched many of the Netflix documentaries on our food industry and understand that good nutrients are important for a healthy and long term human life. I try to eat foods that are organic and not processed. Although I will say that this pregnancy I have had an adversion to veggies (which used to be my main staple since I typically eat little meat of any). I try to have at least a smoothie everyday with a large serving of kale and whatever fruits I have on hand. The remained of the time I eat all organic and whole foods- limited processed foods such as; brown rice, brown rice pasta, whole grain pancakes, bean burritos, tomato sandwich on whole grain bread... etc. I think that if you eat right now, your baby will reap the rewards 70 years from now, wouldn't you want to give your children the best possible chance in this world?
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I eat a lot of fruits and veggies. I think it's more what I crave now anyway. My one little vice is sweet tarts. But since becoming pregnant all I've wanted was tomatoes and broccoli. Or cottage cheese with tomato or grapes.  Lol And as far as meat I do eat meat a with dinner. But always with a salad. My ex (b.d.) used to get mas because I spent so much of fruits and veggies and he didn't understand why I couldn't just eat some hamburger helper.
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With my first pregnancy I wasn't the most healthiest eater, but I did take my prenatal vitamins as scheduled, and I have a very intelligent, healthy four year old now. But, since I'm four years older now I'm eating a little more healthier. But the prenatal vitamins really help if your not the most healthiest eater
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