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disapointed HELP ANYONE!!!

Due to a scheduling error I'm not being induced today. Instead I have an appt with my doctor on tuesday. I want this to be over but at the same time I want him to stay as long as he needs to. I'm 39 weeks and 1 day today. Anyway I can jumpstart this labor on my own?? On my last visit I was 3 cm dialted. Any suggestions would be appreciated
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I've read and heard that nipple stimulation is a simple but effective way to jump start labor.
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sex curries. raspberry leaf tea. got a few more on the link here.  http://www.babycentre.co.uk/a567272/bringing-on-labour-an-overview
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Ty ladies
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I went on a bumpy car ride when I was trying to go into labor. My mother in law drove fast ...but not dangerously... on bumpy back roads and I sat in the way back of her van where the shocks werent great Lololol
Went into labor that night
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I'm a ftm so can't tell u what works but I've heard of certain things so try em out if u want!
-nipple stimulation
-spicy food
-chinese food
- lots of walking up hills or a car ride.
- evening primrose oil
- castor oil (this can be bad tho so read risks)
- sex! Sperm, and/or orgasms
- walking up down stairs
-massages on pressure points / accupressure
- dancing (not wildly tho)
- fresh pineapples. A lot. Lol
-raspeberry leaf tea
- swimming
- yoga

This is from what I have read.good luck!
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Red raspberry tea does not work. Ive been using it faithfully since 37 weeks and i will be induced next week.
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raspberry leaf isn't meant to start labour. its meant to strengthen your uterine muscles to make your contractions stronger for a (hopefully) shorter labour.
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Ty ladies.  I just had sex so wish me luck. Lol
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For both my kids I walked the mall twice and ate spicy food. I  went into labor that night :)

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