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errrrr, NO MORE!!!

I'm too impatient, I've waited long enough, and if my OB doesn't want to do it then I'll just do it myself!!!! lol

I called my OB's office today just to ask if I would be finding out the gender next week & get the anatomy scan done.
well, her nurse told me that I'd definitely be getting the bloodwork done to test for down syndrome among the other stuff & they would send me to the hospital around 20 weeks or so to have the anatomy scan done.. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that her equipment is older than most and it'd be best to have me get it done at the hospital with MUCH better quality.. that's understandable & just fine with me.

what isn't fine with me?! I ask again, will I find out the gender next thursday?! I'll be 17w6d..
her reply, "well, we usually don't determine gender until around week 24.."

HA!!!! not with this mama, so I'm scheduling a 2D scan at the same place we'll be getting our 3D/4D ultrasound. I'll be having this scan done the same day as my OB appointment, so I'll definitely be able to know the gender as long as the baby cooperates! they are able to determine gender as early as 16 weeks, we get a 10-15 minute 2D scan, we get to listen to the heartbeat, we'll receive a CD of the images, AND we get $10 off our next visit!!

so.. put that in your pipe & smoke it OB!! lol - so please keep us in your prayers ladies.. 2D gender determination AND our OB appointment are both next thursday on the 22nd!!! what an exciting & busy day.. 1 week away!!!!!!
keep praying, and "Baby A" will officially have a name next week, yayyyy!! (((((: ❤
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Glad you decided to get one done elsewhere. I was going to find out this week but ran low on cash flow.
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I just can't take it anymore.. something told me to call & ask! my fiancé even said while I was waiting on them to pick up, "why don't you just wait.. I'm sure they'll be able to tell you next week.."

I said no, no.. I need to HEAR her say that they'll look for a fact, and I'm so glad I did!! I've been looking forward to the 22nd for a whole month.. not waiting another month!!! lol I've got that mother's intuition now for sure! haha
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Frustrating. I have an appointment on May 28 and we schedule it then. I'm hoping it's scheduled within a week.
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I hope baby cooperates for you.. That Would be awesome :)
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@coachsymons: it is, and I'll be praying for you! I absolutely refuse to wait another 4 weeks after this appointment.. that's stupid. I have stuff to buy!! lol

@schmalzy: girl, I'm praying he/she does too!! I think they allow you a little break to eat or drink if need be to get the baby moving.. they'll basically do everything they can to see so, now I'm just super anxious!!! lol (((:
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I hope baby cooperates for you since you're paying for it, cause when they did my scan at 18 weeks the cord was right down between baby's legs. They tried getting it to move and I was in there for almost an hour but no dice! I had to wait until 22 weeks when they did another scan and the cord wasn't in the way that time and she was flaunting her vagina! Right in the camera for the whole world to see! Lol only thing she will not show us is her face! I get an ultrasound every week cause I'm a high risk pregnancy cause of my diabetes but this kid always has her butt to the camera. My specialist wants to do me a favor and give me a free 3D ultrasound pic but my little girl is stubborn and wil not shows us her face :( I'm so bummed, guess I might have to wait until I give birth.
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@megmegcleve: THAT was my biggest fear, and I brought that up.. they assured me they'd do whatever they could.. take as long as possible as long as they don't have another appointment & if we absolutely fail at it then they'll allow me to come back. I made it CLEAR that I wasn't paying just to hear the heartbeat b/c I'll be doing that at my OB the very same day!! lol I hate that your little girl is being stubborn haha!! hopefully you'll get to see her face very, very soon!!! she must have quite a comfy spot in there huh?! lol
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I hope everything works out for you mama. Lol, when I did the 4d ultrasound, it started with his scrotum in my face, loud and clear! I don't think I've ever felt so embarrassed, lol.
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@candy_t: lol!! that is so funny!! I can't wait to do the 3d/4d, but for now.. I just want to know the gender!! & at least we'll get $10 off that visit!!! lol at least you had a DEFINITE answer huh?! haha
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I understand I couldn't wait a paid to get one done at 17 weeks on the dot. I like the fact that if they couldn't tell at the appointment you could come back for free but thank god my daughter showed her parts haha. Now my husband wants to go back and have a look the baby face since we are further along but I feel that's a waste so who knows.  Good luck and what are you hoping or think your having?
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@14yearslater: awe, well I'm glad someone else has done it too!! I'm not a patient person at all.. I'm surprised I didn't have the blood test done to find out a long time ago!!! lol, but hopefully this will work the first time!! I can't wait to do the 3D/4D too!!

my fiancé & I both really want a girl, but of course after all we've been through.. I'll be so thankful for either. I've always said though.. if God would like to grant me my desire, I desire a girl!! lol (((:
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Yay!! I was looking for posts from you-- lol... so glad to hear you will FINALLY find out if it's a boy or girl!!! Next Thursday?!?!? Well I'll be 38 weeks (hopefully not pregnant) and if I'm not we will still have to KIT!
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@mckaylas_momma1018: I KNOW RIGHT?!!! & they expect me to wait until 24 weeks?!! psssshhh!!!! lol

& yes, next thursday.. so make sure you keep an eye out for the gender result!! 38 weeks?!! hopefully you'll be holding your baby by then lol! & we will definitely keep in touch!!!! I know you usually get on a little later (maybe time zone difference?) so I probably will wait to post it.. we'll be out looking at baby stuff once we get done with both appointments anyway lol!

& we've got to figure out a fun way to reveal the gender to everyone! ((((:
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I just found out I'm having a beautiful baby girl Mirae Evangaline!  Hubby picked her first name (it's korean) and I chose the middle I'm so happy I get topick out dresses can't wait!  Good luck on the 22nd!
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I live in AZ but I work full time so I check the forum during the evening (around 6) when I get home... I really hope you get a girl!! And I'll be looking for some new pins very soon!! :) lol
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@dragondance: awe, congratulations & thank you!! I pretty much picked out the girl name.. we have a boy name too, but it's just not settling as well as the girl name. probably b/c I have my heart set on a girl lol but thank you again & I'll let you know on the 22nd!! ((((:

@mckaylas_momma1018: okay, sounds good.. I'll probably be posting it around that time! well, in SC time I guess lol thank you so much, praying we get a girl too! & yes ma'am, you can depend on my pins for sure!!!! lol ((((:
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Yea... 6pm my time is 3pm your time... :)   and I'll be able to send you pins too... and shopping!!! Yay! I love shopping!!! Burlington Coat Factory, Ross, and TJ MAXX have AWESOME prices on baby stuff (esp burlington)... I also have some more promo codes too-- baby leggings and breast pads (if you choose to BF)
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ahh I gotcha!! & yessss girl, I'll take all I can get!! lol still undecided about whether I'm going to bf or not, but I'll figure it out sooner than later! oh, and I'm quite addicted to shopping myself! lol Lord help us if it's a girl!!! haha!
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Lol your poor fiance! You'll be broke!!! I have gone CRAZY!!! Cute little stuff here and there-- and to think I was at first disappointed it was another girl... I get to play dress up again!!! Hubby just likes all the action shirts.. but he'll love this little girl like he does McKayla :)  turn her into another daddy's girl and mommy will be chopped liver... lol

On a side note-- shouldn't you be asleep?!?! Its 2:30!!
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lol yes, I feel bad for him.. then again, he talks about it just as much as I do. on mother's day I was in the mood to just go LOOK.. at first he thought it was pointless b/c we didn't/don't know the sex, and I was looking at boy & girl stuff.. he kept saying, "don't look at all girl stuff, you'll be upset later.." I'm like just hush, I'm looking at both equally.

then what happens? I turn around & he's showing me NOTHING but girl stuff!!!!! lol - so, he's going to be just as bad as I am hahaha!! she'll be a daddy's girl like me for sure.. I'm still my mama's world though! ((:

on THAT side note, I should have been asleep, but "Baby A" is a night owl apparently.. my mama said I was the same way lol!! I kid you not.. there's been nights I couldn't lay down until 5, 6 a.m. - I think I fell asleep around 3 last night.. which is GREAT for me!! haha
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