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failed 1-hour GTT & baby measuring big?!!

okay, I'm confused, and rather than waiting 2 weeks to ask.. I figured I'd get some opinions. I asked the OB yesterday, but of course I didn't get a satisfactory answer being a ftm, so I figured I'd try here.

I failed my 1-hour GTT yesterday, and I go back on August 7th for the 3-hour GTT (yayyyy right?!).. ugh. anyways, my score was 156. they said that wasn't horrible, but the OB said..

"you just don't look like the type of person to have that high of a score.." umm, huh?! was my response. he said, "well, you're all of 5 feet, maybe 5'1" tall, you're very petite, all belly, haven't gained much weight, just wouldn't expect you to fail the 1-hour test."

THEN, he measures my belly with the measuring tape & says our baby boy SEEMS to be measuring BIG?!!! "BIG?!!!!" I asked? he said, "yes, of course measuring this way isn't 100%, and again.. you are very petite & all belly."

ugh, so I'm confused.. even though I'm so "tiny" & you're SHOCKED I failed my 1-hour GTT, my baby could be measuring big? could it be the way he was positioned?? I don't know, yesterday was just an awful day all together if you read my previous post, but I guess I just didn't ask the questions I wanted to the right way..

he is 1 of the 6 doctors at that office. I have to meet all 6 just in case I go into labor at any time & I'll be familiar with them all. I LOVE this office, super excited about having all of them to rely on, and I trust them all. this OB answered my questions perfectly, I guess once I got home I just started wondering/worrying/thinking about it way too much..

anyone else "measured big" & the baby be a perfectly healthy weight? he measured 1lb. 12 oz. at 25 weeks, and that's perfectly normal! I'm posting my 26-week picture just to get opinions.. I'll be 27 weeks Friday. I know I'm tiny, but I've managed to get up to 133 lbs. with a LOT of hard work on my part lol! & I'm literally all belly..

keep us in your prayers, love you ladies!!! (((: ❤
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sorry, forgot to attach the pic to my post - I posted it on my profile though! don't judge my messiness, I was having some rough Braxton Hicks last friday!!! lol again, it's my 26-week photo.. I'll be 27 weeks in 2 days, this friday.. thank youuuuu!! ((:
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Praying for you and hoping your day gets better! I know they keep telling me I'm measuring a day early, two days early and now a week early. I'm also very tiny, and have gained 23 pounds at 32+4 weeks and am ALL belly! I did pass my glucose test though, but I took mine at 28 weeks... Maybe they should have given you the test a few weeks later and you would have passed? I'm not quite sure how that works!

Good luck with everything, and please keep us posted!
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@princesslo007: thank you!! how in the world do they come up with being a day, two, week early? ugh, so much to try to understand.. lol - I'm 26w5d & I've only gained about 9 pounds.. and I had to PUSH myself to get here!

I'll be 28w6d on August 7th, so I'm praying I'll pass it then.. thank you again & I'll definitely keep you posted!! I sent you a friend request so you could see my photo.. I think it's private except for friends only! ((:
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Okay I will def accept that! Yeah I don't know, every time I go in I feel like they keep changing it, but they wont change my due date! Its crazy! Luckily, I do love my ob and she works with a midwife whom I also love, so I tolerate it! lol :)
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How tall is you "hubby"?
My brother is 6'4" and his wife is 5'1" and just all in all a petite gal. And their son measured big all throughout too. He is 9 months old and is just a big baby...but his daddy is big.
I was just curious.
Sorry yesterday was such a horrible day. Keep posted about you 3hr....you should be fine, you numbers could have been slightly off cause of the traumatic events leading up to the test.
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@ Octobermommy... I had failed all my other 1 hour gd test in my previous pregnancies but this time my ob had told me not to eat anything before the test and to see if that would work. Because I would always pass the 3 hour test. Good luck.
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@BRITNYABUTO: my fiancé is only like 5'9" maybe? neither of us know exactly!! lol - thank you so much though, I'll definitely keep you posted.. & you're right, I was wondering if everything we went through had any effect.. ugh, thank God it's over! lol

@MYKIDS4DARS: I purposely only took a SIP of my fiancé's coke at like 1 p.m. (which the OB said wouldn't have affected it) & I ate these tiny strawberry muffins around 1:30 p.m. - then I drank nothing but water. he says none of that should have affected it, but I'm not sure.. why should I have to fast for the 3-hour test, and not the 1-hour test? that didn't make sense to me, but thank you soooo much! I have a special diet I have to go by for 3 days leading up to the test, then of course the night/morning of.. ugh, it's all so exhausting, but I have faith I'll pass. thank you for the well wishes, I'll keep everyone updated! (((:
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