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gestational diabetes.

Just found out that I have gestational diabetes,  I'm freaking out dose any one else have gestational diabetes.  I can't get in so see my doctor until Monday at 9 and feel like I need to start doing something now.  Any suggestions
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They should set you up with a nutritionist in the near future. Just stick to natural sugars like fruits, but not too much.. Call your doc tomorrow and ask if theres a nurse you can talk to about it. They should be able to give you some temporary advice.
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I Spoke to a nurse and she did give me some good advice.
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i was diagnosed just this week too. had alittle melt down too. but the good news is outcomes for mom and baby are great if well monitored. ive just picked up a blood glucose monitor today after seeing my dr. but the last few days have adjusted my diet. avoid sugar is the big thing. so avoid white bread and other starchy vegetables (potatoes). and try and have protein with every meal it helps slow down the absorption of sugar. if you have fruits stick to apples, pears and dark berries. nuts are a great snack and beans are awesome. here's a sample of what ive been doing breakfast - oatmeal with walnuts and cinnamon (also good for regulating blood sugars) snack two hard boiled eggs. snack apple with cheese ( the added protein from the cheese helps slow down the absorption of the sugar from the apple) lunch veggie minestrone soup afternoon snack greek yogurt alittle later veggies and hummus dinner chicken breast mixed green salad with avocado and a glass of milk. i have a fairly good diet to begin with so the changes weren't too hard and i also have a good amount of knowledge on nutrition and have a close friend with diabetes so i know how she eats. and another important part  to stabilize and regulated your blood sugar is too eat frequently which is whats with all the snacks. hope this helps some more.
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It seams like a lot of food to eat in one day.  
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I felt like it was alot to eat, too. My diet is 3 small meals and 3 small snacks... For instance for breakfast at 7am 1-2 eggs with 1-2 slices of toast. I check my blood sugars at 9:30am then have a snack snack is usually a small fruit and 1/4 cup of nuts or a cheese stick. 12:00 is Lunch maybe a spinach salad with a spoon of chicken salad or tuna on top and then another snack two hours or so after that when I checky sugars again. Honestly, your diet doesn't have to change drastically. It is just making sure you have protein with your carbs in your meal and that your meal is not a huge portion. I was diagnosed in August and since my numbers are perfect. I do take insulin before bed because my fasting numbers at night get slightly high. It's suppose to be 95 and below before breakfast and usually comes out 96-99 without the insulin. As our baby grows and our hormones rage my fasting levels change, but I know it doesn't have anything to do with me.
Try not to stress. Stay away from sugars and keep your portions controlled and you'll be fine.  I have a week left and my little one is so far perfect 83 percentile last checked :) Good luck!
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I have it.  I'm really careful with carbs.  I've been doing this for over 12 weeks already. I've lost 33 lbs and am way healthier.  My son is growing right on schedule.  Only 10 Ish weeks to go. You can do it mama. I freaked out at first too.
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They want u to eat 3 meals plus snacks inbetween. I Got diagnosed with GD at 23 wks. I'm 33+5 now.  I check my sugar 3x a day. Insulin 3 times a day.  This is my 4th baby First time ever having it. It *****!  But make sure u follow what the nutritionist says and keep ur levels within range.  Ull be fine!  I'm monitored every wk by my OB. I'm considered high risk now.  They will induce u at 39 wks. It's a pain having to watch everything and keeping my levels stable. But gta do what u gna do.  Ur allowed so many carbs every meal.  All it is, is carb counting. Diet pop does not have any carbs FYI. Stick to water but,  if u r craving something bubbly ur allowed that.  Stay away from cereal in the a.m. and juices.  Stick to veggies, meats mainly.  If I'm craving chocolate, I eat a very small amount and only if my levels were really low.  They also have sugar free candies.  My Dr said don't be scared to eat,  cause then with the insulin,  I can get low blood sugar.  So just b cautious!  Good luck! Also exercise!  Go for walks, drink lots of water!
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i know it sounds like alot of food and ive been keeping a food diary but like others have mentioned the portions arent huge. also i may do alittle more snacking then most, im a registered massage therapist so after an hour to 90 mins of treating someone with deep tissue i need something to keep me going.
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