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gym equipment to use avoid?

hi ladies

I'm 8+5 now, and try to hit the gym around 4 times a week.

I stopped using the hip abductor and adductor, which strengthen the hip and inner/outer thigh muscles. I'm equally uncomfortable/insecure about doing the ab-machine (crunch thing) ... even the rowing machine seems a lil too rigorous.

as of now I only do the cross-trainer for around 50 min which burns 500cal.
as I'm not yet over the 12week hump (where miscarriage risk reduces) and when I'll finally have my first ultrasound,  I dont wanna do anything crazy.

what do y'all do in d gym and otherwise to keep fit? I suppose the equipment you can or shouldn't use also changes as you progress through each trimester? ?

Looking forward to your thoughts ladies  :-)
thank you.

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Good to ask your dr what is safe or not!  I never do anything but treadmeter or elipacial! Every person body is different
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Once you reach your second tri you should not do any crunch style exercises. You risk creating more abdominal separation (diastasis recti) that will give you an awful mommy pooch after you have baby. Another thing to avoid is laying on your back for longer than 5 mins at a time (cuts off blood flow to baby). I wouldn't try to lift huge amounts of weight either. I personally love love love Pilates and yoga in pregnancy! At the gym I tend to do some leg machines and elliptical but not a whole lot else. Gyms bore me lol
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I am 3 months didn't find out till late !! I go to the gym a lot still do weights n cardio and abs but only the plank and stuff on the ball iv had to tone it down shall I say !! I still go running when I don't make the gym

I am not showing still really flat so you wouldn't know ! Iv informed the people at the gym and they've told me to carry on with what I do ! But you do what feels best for u , I also do spinning classes , swimming is good to tho !! :)
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I am 12 weeks pregnant,  I just walk in the gym, I am afraid of running, cause I had a miscarriage begore this one, so I am trying to do light things.don't take much weight.
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thanks for your responses. I haven't been swimming in a while,  but maybe I'll go again sometime soon.  one more reason to beautify my hairy legs ... lol.
but I do sleep on my back often ... I'm 8+6 today,  is that already a no-no? I didnt know that cuts off blood flow to the baby??!!  :-(
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No, you are ok to sleep on your back for now, it's in the second and third tri that it is bad. Your left side is the best to sleep on in those trimesters because it encourages good blood flow to your heart and baby.
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I am a personal trainer and it's ok to still workout but not as intense as if you were pre-pregnancy. I would suggest not lifting heavy anymore and you can do core strengthening (planks) but cut out ab work (ab machine, crunches)
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I'm nearly 12 weeks and have still been doing everything in my reformer pilates class with no issues- including ab curls and hip work, it is important to keep those muscles as strong as posdible- we will be needing the,. i just don't do super heavy weight. So long as you can comfortable do the exercise you were doing before you were pregnant do it.
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