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hate being pregnant

I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I've hated every moment, anyone else feel like this?  I feel terrible for not enjoying it but I'm sick of the sickness, tiredness being emotional feeling fat and horrible. And the fact that people thinks it's OK to tell you how big you are,of course I'm big I have a baby inside of me.
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Who cares what others say, enjoy it, it happens so few times in our lives. Once u hold your miricle you will be in awe. Enjoy the movement, the hiccups, the kicks, this is the start of other firsts.
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I kinda feel the same way, I'm just ready for it to be over and have my baby already. I'm 29 weeks.
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I'm trying hard to enjoy it bc I am not planning on any more babies, but I understand the frustration w pregnancy. I'm tired of the back aches and tender boobs and heart burn.
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Same here. I'm 33weeks today and I just want these last weeks to go as fast as possible! I wanna hold my baby boy already!
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Get to the gym..swim..elipticals
We are strong willed women
I refuse to let my pregnancy drive me crazy
And im only 9weeks
I cant even fathom 31 weekso_O
Honey chile please...
Get u a smoothie and truck u n ya belly to
A local gym a good 30mins and sweat
U feel better


Gl boo
We dont want that baby born in rage now!lol
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I hear ya...between the swelling and pelvic pain and the general not being able to do anything I really hate being pregnant. Dont get me wrong...I have 2 other kids and adore them and will adore this lil one too...I just hate going thru this to get to the baby. Go watch what to expect when you're expecting...I am not the glowing mom who looks better than ever when she's pregnant and is just a natural at every thing....I am the huge tired sweaty crabby mom trying to make it thru the pregnancy with a tiny bit of dignity and grace LOL!! Hang in there hun.... you are not alone.
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From that movie I'm the mom with the Costco sized Tums....
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I most definitely understand you. Im 30 weeks, I have gain 35 pounds.  I just can't wait till the baby is out. Im  just plain tired all the time and depressed. Im just waiting for my baby to be ready to pop out, and once I see his little face I know it was all worth it.
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Omg, I felt the same way with my first pregnancy!!!  I swore at people who had told me before it was an amazing thing, pregnancy.  That I was going to love it.  Swore I was never doing it again... Hahaha... jokes on me cause here we are, 18 months later and 6 weeks pregnant... and heartburn and morning sickness have already begun....
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I am willing to trade my very Not Pregnant belly For one of youll own. Cause God knows how much my husband and I want a baby. We thought we were pregnant this time until a few minutes ago when my body told me other wise. Please enjoy youll pregnancy Not everyone is as lucky
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@kaythomas you are very right.  I know sometimes pregnancy can be tough, but I also know first hand what a blessing as tough as it may be, being pregnant is. My husbands and I had been trying for almost 5 years before we found out in November that we were expecting our first! I am now 29 weeks and though I am miserable some days, I still am so grateful for my pregnancy.
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Of course we are all thankful and know our babies are a gift from God that doesn't mean we cant complain each pregnancy is different and sometimes harder for others
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Thanks everyone, I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one I guess not everyone thinks it's a great experience.  Just can't wait to have my baby boy in my arms :)
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I feel it.

I'm 29+2 weeks now, it didn't bother me AS much until I ended up hospitalized. I've been in for the last 19 days, and honestly, it's draining, and I'm so bored not being allowed to be up walking around, that I feel (and to myself look) like I've thrown on a ton of weight since being here on strict bedrest. I've even started getting the stretch marks now, which I bawled my eyes out for a half hour when I first noticed them. But that moment when you hold the little one you went through so much physical, mental, and emotional pain over, it won't even matter anymore is what I'm told. So I'm just dying to hold him.

Good luck! :)

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