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holy NOSEBLEEDS batman!!! geez.

17w5d, and these nosebleeds are unreal!! I've been blowing blood out of my nose for a week or so, but the past couple of days have almost freaked me out!

I called my OB's office yesterday & she said as long as I'm not pouring blood then I should be fine, but if I do then I just need to go to the ER.

I've read up on it, I know it happens/it's normal, it even talks about it on this app, but how much is too much?!
I've blown a few big lumps/clumps/not sure if I can call it clots out? b/c it may just be mixed with mucous, but it's hard to tell. I don't want to swallow it b/c it'll upset my stomach, but my fiancé thinks I just "blow my nose" too much.. I'm like no.. either I blow it out, or I'll have to swallow it.. as opposed to just letting it run out of my nose!! it's not all day every day, just every now & then, but definitely the past couple of days it's been enough for me to say "whoa!"

are you or have you experienced nosebleeds like this?! again, no drama or negativity.. I know that it's expected, which is fine, I just don't know how much is too much.. how long does it last, etc. I know everyone is different, just asking for opinions. thanks for reading, and please pray "Baby A" cooperates tomorrow so we can find out if we're having a beautiful baby girl or a handsome baby boy!!!! ((((: ❤
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I can't be the only one!! lol
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Im also due in October and have been having nosebleeds pretty much since the beginning! My doctor told me to expect it and its like literally every day, every morning, I have some type of nose bleed. Not fun!
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You're definitely not the only one. I get them every day! Sometimes it's an actual nosebleed and usually it happens at night and I wake up cuz I feel it trickling out, or sometimes it's just that I blow my nose and its all bloody and gross. Once I was eating at a restaurant and suddenly my nose started dripping blood. It was embarrassing. But even as a kid I used to get them alot. It's just gotten worse since being pregnant. My gums bleed alot too.
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wow, well I knew it was common but not that common.. at least I KNOW I'm not going crazy!!! lol it's insane how all of these symptoms pop up!

and YES, my gums too!! I went to the dentist for the first time since being pregnant and she had NO mercy while cleaning my teeth! she saw how bad they were bleeding and I told her they'd been bleeding when I floss.. she had to keep wiping blood away so she could clean them! my mouth hurt so bad when I left!!!

this is just insane.. I pray for us!!! lol ((:
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So weird that you just posted this because I just had a horrible nose bleed, first for this or my last pregnancy and it was so bad I just ruined my favorite maternity shirt getting up to get a tissue :-( it didn't stop for s solid 3-4 minutes... so weird
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oh man, really?!!! I haven't had one come pouring out of my nose yet, but I've felt it sort of running, just like a runny nose.. and I just blow it before it has the chance to come out I guess..

I hate you ruined your shirt though!! 3-4 minutes is a long time, but I guess not considering I've blown mine for about that long waiting for it to stop.. I'm just blowing our yucky ole mucous now.. ugh, pregnancy is wonderful!! lol
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I've got a nasty cold so my nose has been dripping for days now. Often there is blood in it. I know it's normal around now.
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Ahhh I love your title!!! Yeah I used to get nose bleeds like crazy too a few weeks ago. It lasted for a bit and it was like clots of blood which would seriously freak me out. My bf would panic and even wanted to call an ambulance at one point. But doctor said there common and just to keep hydrated
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Yeppers! Have always had sinus issues and now my nose just bleeds whenever. I can't blow my nose without it starting up again. But like you said, either blow it or swallow it. :-/
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well, I'm glad to hear it is definitely normal.. I've read about it, I guess I just had high hopes I'd pass that symptom. I've never had a nose bleed!! lol

@Lizzie_Campos: thank you! lol I said it OUT LOUD when I first noticed how much it was.. my fiancé was like, "batman what??!" lol!! he freaks out every single time it happens too.. wanting me to go to the hospital, but I'm like I PROMISE my nurse said it was fine, and I'm not going to the hospital or doctor unless it's pouring.. that's a waste of money!! lol I'm sitting on my butt drinking a lot of water as we speak!! (((:
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@Krittybug: EXACTLY! I told him I'm not swallowing it because then I'll have a nose bleed and I'll be nauseous/sick.. I'll just deal with it for as long as I have to! just not used to it! "/
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You could get a humidifier(sp) i had nosebleeds pretty bad and after i got my humid. i never had them again, my mom is who told me to get one bc a big reason you are getting them is bc of it being dry or if your nose is always dry like it isnt a constant runny nose
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If you get blood on your shirts: rinse with COLD water warm or hot water will let the blood set, use hydrogen peroxide on whites or super light clothes like just pour it right on the blood and it comes out right before your eyes, and for any other colors use clorox 2 spray ot directly on, rub it in and then rinse it out. 9 times out of 10 the blood and any stain thatwould have been left behind will be gone. I uad to do it to my shirt and the blood even sat in it for over 2 hours, we were a ways from home lol
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try a saline nose spray or rinse, you get bloody burger and snot when your nose is irritated or dry.
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thank ya'll for that advice! & for just in case I get any blood on my clothes! lol

I will definitely get a humidifier.. I don't know why I haven't gotten one by now! sorry it took so long to respond, been stuffing my face! haha!
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Im glad u asked this question.. mine have been worse the last few days. feels like I have every pregnancy symptom in the book
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put a little water and dish detergent on the blood right away, then it can wait until you do laundry - it works better than stain remover
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This happens every pregnancy for me too. Starting from 13 or 14wks until 2 or 3 wks post partum it hits me. I would say if you are gushing or so much comes out you are getting light headed, if you can't stand the sight of blood than the last option does not apply to you. You should go to the er if you have blood, not blood tinged mucus coming out of your nose for linger than 10-15 mins.

I will get nose bleeds so bad people think I got my nose broken, and that's what the doctors told me to watch out. And because you produce so much more blood being prego, you will bleed more than usual.

I know it is freaky, but trust me in what I say is true.
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thank you so much, y'all have no idea how thankful I am for your responses! my nose feels so sore right now.. still blowing very little blood, but at least my fiance isn't freaking out anymore lol - he's much more reassured since I informed him of all of your experiences with it!

I guess the pregnancy symptoms just keep coming! lol ((:
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