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*just what I needed - tornadoes?!!!!*

so as some of you may know, we're from South Carolina.. we heard about the warnings yesterday, but they are in FULL force today.. it's almost 11 a.m., I've been up since 9 a.m., just fell asleep at 7 a.m. I don't feel good at all, mainly b/c of exhaustion, I'm 14w5d, and quite frankly I'm starving.. wonderful day so far!!!!!!! (sarcasm). -- we are facing flooding rains, large-sized hail, damaging winds, and tornadoes.. whattttt?!!!!

I'm not kidding at all when I say the thought of a tornado used to have me in a corner, nauseous, having panic attacks.. it was my #1 fear. more than snakes, clowns, or any other creepy crawly thing in this world!! well, eventually I prayed long & hard enough, fought my fear, and I slowly got over it. hardest thing I had to do in my life..

well, what have I gotten engaged to?! a full-blown tornado-phobic man who is now FREAKING OUT.. and his family?!!!!! oh my sweet baby Jesus.. they're already talking about putting mattresses in the bathroom.. and I don't even know what else. I don't even want to hear it.. I'm just of hearing it.. I have more to worry about!! I know this is all dangerous, but geez.... GOD is in control. I can't do anything but pray & hope for the best. I'm all this baby has!!!!!!!

I'M TRYING TO NOT STRESS & NO ONE IS HELPING!!!! I keep reminding him that I have TWO, TWO, TWO people to worry about... me & the baby!!! I can't stress, I can't panic, my heart rate affects the baby's heart rate.. nothing I say is helping. no one understands how stressful it already is to be pregnant & worry about that in itself, but now everyone is freaking me the $#@! out & I'm getting pissed, worried, just UUUGGGGGHHHHH!! everyone insists on watching NOTHING but the weather channel, pointing out the weather map, talking about the possibilities, blah blah blah..

please, please keep us in your prayers.. including my sanity.. because I'm slowly losing it..
love you ladies.. & I'll keep you updated.. ❤
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just sick* of hearing it. (sorry.. so aggravated I can't even remember my words..)
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"look at that car on tv.. look at that house.. DID YOU SEE THAT TREE?!! what are we going to do if....etc."

"we're unstable.. do you hear that?! that's what worries me.."

"the kids are freaking out.. they didn't go to school today, it's got to be bad.."

good LORD, I DON'T FREAKING KNOW!!!!!! stop stressing me outtttt!!!
if you want to worry, go in the other room & let me think happy thoughts..
I've had 2 hours of sleep and now I have to listen to this BS all freaking day?!!!! oh man... "/
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I'm now abled to pray for you! :)
I hope all goes well for you guys!
How long is the weather supposed to be bad there?
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I'm in NC and I feel you girl. Its been raining since Monday and supposed to continue through tomorrow. And I'm talking crazy thunderstorms. A lot of roads are closed due to flooding and some places got so deep it covered a big van up to almost the top of it! I am staying inside!!
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lol well I greatly appreciate it!! I'm losing my sanity...
& I'm really not sure how long it's supposed to last.. they say it's moving slow, but we're getting the rain now, getting dark, and it's only 11:08 a.m.

my fiancé, his family, everyone is literally just pacing around, staring at the tv, talking about the what-ifs.. I mean goodNESS!!! I'm tempted to take a Promethazine just to make myself go back to sleep.. better than being up & dealing with this mess!!!! lol
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awe, oh no.. we're definitely praying for you too!!! I know it's been awful lower south, and I know it was rough in North Carolina last night..

praying for your safety, and hopefully all of this mess blows over soon!!! ❤
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I don't blame you lol! I hope the TV or power doesn't get knocked out. They would all probably have a panic attack lol
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Ugh, I hate tornadoes, too! So sorry! I live in tornado alley, unfortunately, so I get to freak out like that many times every year :( It's so much better during the day than at night, tho! That's when I really freak out! During the day you can watch the clouds and see what's happening. Best thing to do is have a plan of action and then just enjoy your day the best you can. Hope all goes well for you!
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omg, THEY WILL!!! it happens every time we have a thunder storm.. idk why the power uptown doesn't work so well, but at MY HOUSE with my parents we don't lose it like that.. but I choose to stay here so my fiancé can experience this whole pregnancy with me ya know?

well, they're driving me crazy!! if the TV goes out they bring out the candles, blankets, like SERIOUSLY?!!!!!
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I'm in NC so far it's just stayed cloudy and a little windy right here. We've had flood warnings but only 1 thunderstorm late last night. We also have had tornado watch since yesterday but isn't nothing people can do besides stay calm. If they hit they hit stressing and freaking out won't change that. They shouldn't be stressing you out and should be trying to make sure you stay as calm and relaxed as you can. It's hard enough being pregnant and knowing y'all can be hit by one or more tornadoes and if so your stress level will definitely increase. I'll definitely pray for you. Just keep trying your best to block them out and not stress. And hopefully y'all won't get hit by any. Will also pray fir you angelama.
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ugh, I know.. I mean who doesn't worry you know? but GEEZ!!! I'm sick of hearing it, seeing it, breathing it right now!!! "/
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thank you sooo much!! I'll definitely be praying for you!! apparently our warning is from 12-8 p.m. - 6 out of 10 chance for tornadoes.. Lord, I just want some peace!!! lol I was just rushed to run to mcdonald's with my fiancé b/c we have to eat NOW or we'll starve I guess?! lol

I'm just trying to keep myself calm, no one else is helping. please keep us in your prayers.. just preparing myself for the breakdowns that are going to happen around here!!! ugh..
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finally got him to turn the weather channel & turn on is ps3, he's playing grand theft auto now haha!!

I just tuned him out, got on here to talk to you ladies, and started eating.. told him I didn't want to hear it anymore.. not it's thundering & he's giving me "that eye" lol! Lord, help me..
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his* & now* ugh.. breathe, just breathe.. lol
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now it's pouring rain, thundering, and 5 out of 5 grandkids are here, freaking out.. *deep breath in, and out* - I should have went to work today!! lol

oh, lights are flickering too. perfect!!
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Omg tornados are scary! Hope The weather gets better soon for you guys!
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We just had 2 days of bad weather  in AL. Hubby and I were watching as a tornado touched down over a hospital on tv. His family are weather worry warts too! His mother kept saying if we go to the basement, we better be prepared to just stay there. Or we'd be watching the weather and she comes in to inform us of a tornado warning two counties away. We went through tornadoes April 27, 2011. So having tornadoes again April 28, 2014, everyone was edgy. But I was ready to just pull my hair out. I'm also 30 weeks pregnant and have 2 other children. The stress was frustrating.
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Be careful ladies...I live in Texas but have been watching the news..try to stay calm but I know God will protect those babies..Good Luck!! Thats scary...
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I finally couldn't take it anymore - I was soooo exhausted, aggravated, and just didn't feel good.. so I laid down & took a nap, and what do I wake up to?!!

THE SUN SHINING BRIGHT OUTSIDE!! haha lol - these crazy people will learn to listen to me one day.. all that stress, anxiety, for nothing..

my fiancé says, well you can't help but worry about stuff like that..
and I said, yeah well.. sometimes you just have to give it to God.
me & the baby took a long, well-deserved nap.. while all of them sat around twiddling their thumbs! lol smh..

thank ALL of you ladies for the prayers, and I'm still praying for those who were and/or could be affected. it looks like we're safe for now & just praying it stays that way!!! ((((: ❤
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Stay safe (and sane) ladies.  Pop in some headphones and try to stay calm.
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thank you! everything seems okay.. no rain, no nothing.
praying it stays this way!! ((:
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What part of SC you from? I live in Charleston where there is constant flooding and everything.
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How stressful!!! I'm so glad to hear you slept and woke up to calmer weather. <3
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oh no, we're about an hour away from the beach! we don't see much flooding.. there's probably a couple of streets in town that get ridiculous, but most homes & stuff are typically okay..
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