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lips peeling

Okay I'm 15 weeks today and every since I found out I'm pregnant my lips peel like crazy especially  my bottom lip...I use Carmex  and stay picking the skin off its so annoying I'm about to start using cooking oil lol! Anyone else have the problem?!
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I have that problem too, but I also live in fairbank alaska and it is really cold and dry here in the winter.
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Ive had this just keep them moist its very common if you're expecting a girl ;). It will stop after pregnancy xx
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I hope so it's beyond annoying lol
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carmex may not be the best thing for your peeling lips.  It has petroleum in it,  which degrades mucous membranes in a lot of people.  Have you ever known someone addicted to chapstick?  Like,  they really have to have one with them all the time?  

It's the same thing.  It feels good,  but it keeps your lips in a continuous state of being without the outer layer of membrane,  so you have to constantly reapply.  It's  a vicious cycle.

Blistex medicated lip balm in the white tube doesn't contain any petroleum products,  and although it burns when you put it on,  will probably heal your lips.
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Drink lots of water to help hydrate yourself
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This is a little weird but nipple cream works. You're gonna have to get some if you're breast feeding anyway(unless you just use breast milk) but it seriously works wonders
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Blistex and lots of water. Staying hydrated is the key.
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I have experienced the same problem while being pregnant. Carmex worksfor me, but Burts Bees didn't anymore.
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Best lip product out there. Hemp chap stick from The Body Shop. It's 8 bucks, but I always buy it when it's like 50 % off. Seriously it's the only chap stick that you use once and don't need again for months. Like the lady said earlier, normal chap sticks contain stuff that keep the cycle going. This stuff had natural oils in it. Also just plain coconut oil works well too. I wish I knew how to post a link on my phone, but The Body Shop has a website, check it out
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Okay thanks ladies
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It is called as exfoliative cheilitis. It is difficult to treat though treatment is possible
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My lips are Soooo dry this pregnancy. I do a lip scrub equal parts sugar and coconut oil (or olive oil) and scrub for 6 minutes Or so gently. Then I put a little more oil/ a thin layer on as chap stick after I wash off the scrub then I use Burt's bees chap stick throughout the day. It's helped Soooo much. I do it once a week or every 3 days depending how dry/cracked/peeling they are.
I am 12 weeks
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