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loss of amniotic fluid at 18 weeks

my water broke at 18 weeks, 2 days later i started bleeding . i have had several ultrasounds the first showed less than 2oz. of fluid. the second, done the following day, showed a slight increase in fluid levels, both showed a strong heartbeat. i am on antibiotics and complete bed rest, the bleeding is very light compared to what it was, and nothing new has happened in 7 days. is it possible for the fluid to increase enough so the baby and lungs will develop properly or am i setting myself up for heartbreak? am i just waiting for my body to miscarrie, or for infection to set in, or does the baby have a chance?
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I believe that the fluid constantly replinishes itself, but they also say that if your water breaks that the baby has to be delivered to prevent infection.  Maybe because you are only 18 weeks, the doctor putting you on bedrest might help the situation.  The only way to know is to outright ask the doctor what is going on.  Good luck.  I hope everything turns out ok because I'm sure this worring must be terrible for you.
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I just heard the other day...don't know if it was on a web site or on TV (birth day) or what but someones fluid was leaking at an early stage of pregnancy ...I believe it was 24 weeks and she made it to 34 weeks.  As long as your fluid replenishes itself and you are under strict care I think the outcome can be positive.  But you are under great risk for infection.  If I were you and it did not interfere with bedrest, I would research it on the net.  Good luck!

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This is a much feared complication of pregnancy.  It is commonly known as "PPROM"-or preterm prolonged rupture of membranes.

Sometimes (uncommonly) if you are kept at complete bedrest the bag of water may "seal over" and the fluid may reaccumulate and the pregnancy progress.  I've seen this happen a couple of times.

Unfortunately, the more common scenario is either infection sets in (as evidenced by increased temp, abd tenderness, foul discharge, or changes in your white count), preterm labor ensues, or the pregnancy continues, with you continuing to leak all the while.
The problem with leaking amniotic fluid constantly, is that without normal levels of fluid accumulating, the fetal lungs are at risk for not developing.  Sometimes the baby's limbs get into abnormal positions and develop abnormally.

There is no way to tell what may happen with you.  Sounds like you are being treated exactly appropriately.  Complete bed rest and antibiotics.  NOTHING should go in your vagina.  Keep your perineal area clean.  Change pads frequently if you are using them.  

Good luck to you!  I remember years and years ago, we had a gal whose water broke at around 19 weeks.  She elected to terminate.  After 2 days of trying to induce labor (she was checked internally often, bled, every medical intervention you can think of), but she just wouldn't go into labor.  She decided this was a sign, and stopped everything and went home against medical advice.  She "sealed over" as I mentioned above, and delivered at 34 weeks.

So you never know.  I will be thinking and praying for you.
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My water broke at 24 3/7 days.  I was rushed to a hospital in Jax, FL.  They kept me there hooked to every machine imaginable, and started IV antibotics, and steroid shots (to mature DS lungs).  I was very much in labor (contractions every 1-2 minutes).  I was able to "stay pregnant" for 4 days.  The 4th day, my stomach began to ache, and I felt if it was going to explode.  They rushed me down to the OR for an emergency C-Section.  My DS son was born at 25 weeks, spent a gruling roller coaster ride in the NICU for 89 days, and is now home.  He is 15 months old.  The infection that I got (from PROM) was horrible .  It has caused me a lot of problems since the birth of my DS.  However, when all else fails, keep the faith.  They (Doctors) told me that my DS was going to die, and that I needed to make arrangements....But I kept the faith, and now look....I have a beatiful son.
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I have also heard that your water can break and then seal over and everything will continue just fine.  In fact, that is what I was told at the hospital a week ago.  Are you still leaking?  If not, then chances are that you sealed over and the fluid will replenish.
Also, a friend of a friend had dangerously low levels of fluid throughout her pregnancy.  It didn't leak, it just never built up.  They watched her closely and told her to prepare to miscarry because it wasn't enough fluid to support the development of the baby.  She carried almost to term and gave birth to a healthy baby...no medical problems so far.
So don't give up!  Take each day as it comes and follow your doctor's orders.  Good luck!
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I suffered from this same thing, but I was 33 weeks along.  I was put to strict bedrest in the hospital, and had to constantly drink fluids.  The fluids replenish themselves every few hours is what the hospital told me.  I was put on antibiotics immediately, and had very frequent ultrasounds.  I was given steroid shots to help his lungs mature.  I delivered early, and aside from being small, he was perfectly fine.  When I was in the delivery room my midwife had to break my water again because it had sealed itself.  They said that it is rare that it happens, but it does.
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