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mason jars for breast milk storage

I'm doing research about storage for breast milk. I want something that's cost effective and will work. I'm not looking to create a huge stash of frozen milk because I don't have the space in my freezer nor do I have a deep freeze (yay apartment living).

I have looked into the disposable bags. What a money sink. Plus the reviews I read do not put much faith into me using them.

I came across a mom's blog about using mason jars. She doesn't have a huge stash and only freezes what she pumps on the weekends. Ball mason jars are great for storage and are freezable (of course do not ober fill because water expands!). I found 12 pack of pints on sale for $7 and 12 pack of quarts on sale for $10.

I am gun-ho about going this route but hubby is putting up some opposition because he doesn't understand any of this "breastfeeding business" despite all the information I have provided to  him and the cost of using bags vs jars.

What are your ladys' thoughts?
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Oh that sounds like a great idea!! I've been looking into other ways to store besides storage bags. Not a big fan of those. I'm definitely looking into this. Thanks
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Good idea and I like the idea of storing in glass vs plastic.
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What about zip lock storage baggies? Im not sure if the sandwich size would be okay in the frezzer, but it would allow you to store without taking up a lot of room.
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That's a great idea. I can't believe I never thought of it before.
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With the ziploc bags I'd be worried about them busting which is my concern with the plastic ones designed for breast milk. And I hate the idea of throwing all those bags away. Glass is sturdier, reuseable, and less money in the long run.
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The blog is called "Ashley's green life: how I go green with my pumping & baby bottle routine".
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Love the mason jar idea. but i wonder wo having put any thought into it yet, would it be more difficult and more of a hassle to thaw with the mason jars? I never froze before what little I pumped went in fridge and got used within 3 days. My freezer is very small :-( like sometimes hard to get a weeks worth of frozen stuff into it small. But ive always wondered how well the bags work? I do like that they have the oz markers on them however :-)
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You could do mason jars get the small ones and de-thaw by putting in the fridge, warm up by putting in warm water of a slow cooker (much gentler way of heating up). I don't know if that would work for breast milk but my sister-in-law used it to heat up formula.
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To thaw you can thaw in the fridge over night or in warm water. I don't intend to freeze much.
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I get WIC n they provided the bags for me but when it comes to thawing it out the bags r the easiest cuz u just stick them under hot water n they thaw really quick especially when i got a demanding bb on ur hands!
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My concern would be that glass gets brittle when frozen and heated repeatedly & I would worry about eventual shattering which can be dangerous
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