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my bOObs are leaking WHAT..?!

okay, so I'm officially 18 weeks today with my baby boy (love saying that already) & once again I have a NEW symptom. I got up to pee this morning and realized the left side of my shirt (precisely where my nipple was) was wet.

so of course, I look it up & I read that it can happens, it's normal, I know I'm okay, but I just wanted to see about any/everyone else.. did you/have you started leaking Colostrum as early as 18 weeks? my boobs are starting to itch again, which I thought that phase was over.. HA!, and MAN are they looking big, beautiful, and bouncy!! lol I was a B before pregnancy, I know I need a C by now.. God bless my sweet baby boy. looking out for mama already haha!

anyway, do I need to bother buying those little pads already.. just so I don't stain any of my shirts, bras, or anything?
the shirt I slept in is hard to tell whether it's stained or not b/c it's a light grey color. the wet spot just looks dark now, so it's hard to say if it's clear or maybe a light yellow, white? I can't tell at all.. haven't leaked any since then though.

thanks for reading ladies!!! & thank you for your continued well wishes & prayers!!!
Colby Lee & I love and thank you very much!!! ((((: ❤
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Def get some pads it does stain just wear them when it gets serious a little but off an on should be fine
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I started leaking about that time. I'm 26&1 now and I can pretty much poke my breast a it dripples out lol.. hubby freaks out about it lol
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@Momtothesecondpower: good to know! I told my fiancé I probably needed to get some JUST in case..

man, it's like a new symptom every week.. last week was the bloody nose (which is STILL going strong.. I had to catch it from running in Target yesterday), the week before was constipation, before that was heartburn (again, still kicks my butt every now & then), and so on & so on.. if this baby isn't by the book I don't know what baby is!! lol

at least it's normal, and it's not bad yet.. thank you so much!! (((:
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@youngnewmommy: oh man!!! I didn't know it'd get that sensitive! lol I had a feeling though.. because when I lay on my side, I hug the pillow that I put in-between my legs (I'm short haha) & when I did that I THOUGHT I felt something, but I just went back to sleep.. so I guess if they have pressure on them something will probably come out.. I think he jokingly pinched my left nipple last night too?! maybe that has something to do with it... lol!
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Im 32+1 and haven't leaked anything yet so kinda worried but still got time right?
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@baby_boy_aboard: from what I've read, again.. ftm here, it seems that leaking or NOT leaking isn't a good or bad thing. I guess it's like any other symptom.. some women get it, some don't? that's just my understanding though, so I have HIGH beliefs that you're just fine! ((((:
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Wow, at 18 weeks! You're going to rock at breastfeeding!!! I'm 18 sunday and haven't had any leakage yet.  I did read it can happen and was hoping to skip that symptom!  Hahaha
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Actually, my first sign of leakage was at 18 weeks as well! But it was just a tiny bit, not even enough to warrent pads, and it went away after a week. Now I'm at 33 weeks and oh man I've been leaky for two and a half weeks straight, and I dont even really have to touch them. Its even worse after a shower. So far its just the colostrum, but I swore I saw sme milky white last night. Its kinda crazy, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who was showing some leaks at 18 weeks! :)
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@smcdsmcd: lol!!! these puppies are unreal.. and I'm so TINY, it looks like I have fake boobs!!! haha! I thought maybe I would skip it too, but HA!! ..or I even thought maybe it'd pop up towards the end of the pregnancy maybe? I'm not even half-way through yet!! well.. I guess depending on when he decides to come.. but still!!! lol so much going on every week! so happy though.. (((:
I thought about breastfeeding for a while, but I honestly don't think I'll do it. my daddy was breastfed, my mama wasn't, so I understand both.. my brother and myself weren't, but I just don't feel like it's the route I'll choose.. "/ I wish I was one to fall in love with it, but I know I'm not/won't. maybe I'll change my mind, we'll see! (((:
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@NeonPops: REALLY?!! well thank goodness!!!!! lol - that's a relief to hear it from you too!! haha -- & you're right, I definitely don't need pads yet, I was just terrified it was going to start pouring out some random day in the near future.. everything is so unexpected in pregnancy! lol so amazing how all of this stuff works.. but yes.. exactly 18 weeks, it's happening! & like you, it was very little.. haven't noticed it since.. but who knows when it'll come back or how much it'll be.. trying to prepare myself! haha
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