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no sac on ultrasound in 5th week?

I had an ultrasound yesterday, I'm 5w3d pregnant, my hcg levels are rising normally, but they didn't see anything on the ultrasound, not even a sac.  They want to repeat it in a few days.  They said it could be ectopic or it could just be too early.  I'm quite certain of my dates.  I'm terribly worried that this is ectopic.  Did anyone else have an ultrasound that showed nothing at this time but showed a sac in ther uterus a few days later?  Or does this resemble an ectopic that anyone has had?  I have no other ectopic symptoms but I'm wondering if there's any hope at all.  Thanks,
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Hi Brenner, I had a scan at 6 weeks when I started bleeding slightly, and there was nothing to be found in the womb. Again I was asked to come back and although the bleeding had stopped, there was still nothing so it was concluded I had miscarried. I found this strange as the bleeding was so slight. At 8 weeks I still felt nausea and felt pregnant and statred bleeding heavily. It was then when blood tests were done they decided to operate to see what was happening. There was definatly no baby in the womb, so after a general anaesthetic I awoke to be told it was infact an ectopic and at 9 weeks, quite large so I had been very lucky the tube had not ruptured. However the tube was too damaged and was removed. I would suggest you keep requesting tests incase it is ectopic, the earlier they find out, the less risk to yourself and your tubes. I went on to have 2 further gorgeous healthy baby's after the ectopic and am pregnant again now, so the best of luck to you. I know they do say you can not always see a foetus until 6 weeks on scan, so fingers crossed, if you have had no bleeding, you will be able to return for a later scan and it will be ok
Best Wishes to you, Kate from the UK
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5 weeks is still very early, I have read lots of post that they did not see anything at 5 weeks and then later saw a normal healthy baby, think positive, like I said you are only 5 weeks.
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I really am praying for you that this is just too soon as that is what carried me through with my pregnancy last month. i posted on here "no gestation sac at 6wks" 4/14/06. I waited a couple of days and then a week and still nothing but they couldnt even see an ectopic which v/scans 99%of the time can do. i was preped for a miscarriage and aware of everything that may or maynot happen, but unfortunately time is what i had to wait for. finally at end of wk 8 they saw the g/sac in uterus but showing only about 4wks so were not 100% that it was a prenancy. also my HCG levels were rising normally and showing much older pregnancy. My update which i have not share yet is that on the sunday i started to bleed, by last wednesday i had pain and was admitted to hospital in fear of an ectopic. went to theatre on thursday and they did a D&C and found cervix was opening, sent a mass they found in uterus away, next day results found i had miscarried :(.....this was my first and i kept hope from the wonderful support all the people gave me in here and with dh by myside the whole time i was ok with letting go.....Sticky Baby dust to you and i truly hope it is just too soon but i wanted to share a true story with you and prepare you for all scenarios........i am happy to say i hope to be back on the baby cart really soon but reality is i have pcos and this first was a miracle and i am proof that they do and can still happen! Hugs to all....
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I am also about 5 weeks and my doctor did an v/ultrasound 4 days ago and saw nothing. I have another v/ultrasound in 3 days and I will definatly let you know what happens. I know how you feel, but my first reaction was that is was too soon to see anything, maybe you had a late ovulation and fertilization. Thats where my hopes are. What is your HCG level? Do you have any m/c symptoms? Good luck to you...:) Someone also wrote to me on the forum that you need hCG levels of at least 1100 to see anything, if it helps.
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I saw my baby at 6 weeks, good luck
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I just went for my first ultrasound after some cramping this afternoon. I thought I was 6 weeks, Infact, I prob am 6 weeks. The doc saw nothing but a strange 'blob' with nothing in it. My blood test came back 3000. I think it might be a blighted ovum. This is my first pregnancy. my sister in law gave birth to a healthy baby this afternoon. I am so scared, I dont want to get my hopes up for the next blood test. My heart hurts. How can a person feel this sad? How can I feel like such a failure when I know it's not my fault? I have read all you'r guys posts and they have made me feel less alone, but I dont know how I am going to make it.
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