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prayers for me & Colby Lee, please.

well, my OB's office was closed yesterday, so I FINALLY got in touch with them to reschedule the appointment that we missed last week due to our gender scan (oops) for this thursday, the 29th. I'll only be a week late, but that was the soonest they had available.

anyways, her nurse informed me that it would be just like any other appointment, except they'd be doing more blood work.. I assume this is when they'll be testing for down's syndrome & stuff? I didn't go into detail with asking her any other questions, I was just happy to be able to reschedule so soon to get it done.

my question is, what all will this blood work test for? our baby boy looked absolutely perfect during our scan last week, as far as deformities, he was very active, etc. does that decrease the chances of him having anything.. would I have been able to see if he had something/anything "wrong" with him so to speak during our scan?

ugh, I'm just nervous all over again.. I know God will take care of him, I'm sure he's healthy & happy, I just wanted/needed some insight.. thank you ladies so much!!! oh, I'll be 18w6d on thursday, if that helps.
Colby Lee & I thank and love you all very much!! ((((: ❤
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*bump!* ((:
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They will measure the fluid in the neck and that will tell them ur risk of downs they will also make sure the heart, placenta,  lungs, brain, and everything in general are fine by using measurements!  It will be ok! Take a deep breath and stray to take ur mind off of it! Good luck!
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Well I had that blood work done a couple of weeks ago. All they to is take out a blood sample from your arm (just like any other blood work you've had done before. All they're going to do is check the chromosomes and make sure it doesn't have an extra chromosome. :)
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Praying for you both. Everything is most likely great. I get nervous everytime I go to the Dr.'s even though everything is always fine. They rely on scans and blood work to try and catch chromosomal problems. I've had blood work three times already and I am 14 weeks.
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ahhh, thank you so much!

she said they would be doing this blood work, and I DID ask if they would be doing the anatomy scan.. she said they would send me to the hospital to have that done around 20 weeks.. so I'm not sure when I'll be getting that done. my OB's ultrasound machine is old, so I just assume it isn't good enough to gather all of the info. they'll need - which I'm thankful for! she also sent me to the hospital to see a specialist about my cervix, so thank God she doesn't take chances with her old stuff lol!
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@ma1ena & @sfly05: ohhh okay! thank you!!!! I don't mind blood work at all, I'm so used to it from being sick so much.. anyway!

I only had it done once at my very first appointment at 9w6d, so I was just curious what this blood draw would be for. that helps a lot!

I'm sure everything is fine, but I thank you for the reassurance!

thank you so so so much!!!! ((((:
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In CA the standard prenatal screening is blood work is two sets of labs one early and one around 18 weeks plus an extra ultrasound to check fluid around the neck.  So sounds like it's just routine stuff.  I'm 18 weeks and have blood draw before my apt this week, just routine stuff.  Good luck!
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@smcdsmcd: WONDERFUL! luckily we've gotten an ultrasound at every appointment with my OB - I'm not sure if it's because I was considered high risk at first or not, but I think she's just the type to do it for reassurance.

I'm so anxious for her to send me to the hospital for the anatomy scan! he was pretty developed at 17w6d during our gender scan, which was awesome, we could see a good bit of detail, but I can only imagine how much better it'll look around or after 20 weeks.. I pray everything looks okay!

thank you very much!! ((((:
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Everything will be okay... its basic testing. .. the quad testing as they call it... check for abnormalities.. any genetic diseases (like Taysachs-sp?, cystic fibrosis, etc.) and chances of other diseases (down syndrome, Trisomy, etc.)... with my daughter I found out that im a carrier of the cystic fibrosis gene (as is my full-blooded sister) so our doctor tested our husband's (and both are not carriers-- thank god!)
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@mckaylas_momma1018: ahhh I've missed you!!! quad testing! basic testing is fine with me! lol -- I had NO idea what it was called, but I knew I wasn't going to google it b/c there's no telling where that would have lead me!! lol

thank you so much, and I'm so happy your husbands ended up not being a carrier!! hopefully things will turn out great for us too! ((((:
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