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pregnancy workouts?

I'm used to working out every day..I used to do INSANITY and P90X but ever since I found out I'm pregnant, I've been nauseous and so exhausted that I've hardly worked out at all. I'm a couple weeks away from my 2nd trimester so I'm hoping to start working out again. Anyone on here working out while pregnant? What kinds of workouts are best?
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I've had the same problem my whole first trimester. I'm almost in my second as well so I hope to start working out again soon. In the meantime I go to the pool when I can and do some swimming and stuff. I can't wait to get back on my T25 (I did insanity before I found out I was pregnant too)
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I used to do insanity also. I have worked out entire pregnancy and am 35 weeks. I do barre classes, because they have great pregnancy modifications. I also go to the gym and do cardio, core and lift weight. I don't do abs(crunches,etc), lift over 15 lbs  or overhead arm workouts all per dr. I believe all have to do with that abdomen problem you can get later on, but keeping at least a light workout and core apparently helps for pushing, which makes sense. I am so glad i kept up with it and i think it helped me to not get sick once and stay energized. Since you stopped, just ease back into it. And don't get too hot. I bring a mini fan or a cooling wet towel so i dont overheat.
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Try T25. It's by Beach Body also (ppl who created Insanity/P90X) it has a low impact version which is great for me. I'm 35 wks :)
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I've been going to a "boot-camp" i just told the instructor and she has modified everything for me.  just have to drink lots more water.  they have prenatal Yoga videos that you can try as well
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I've done a few workouts but not consistent.  Just when I don't feel like I'm going to be sick. I hope it'll be easier to get back into it. I may look into pregnancy workouts. I know amazon has quite a few to sort through so we will see.
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I have continued my normal workout routine so far at 28 weeks.  I had no nausea or fatigue,   so have been able to continue as normal.  My doc told me exercise as tolerated, modify T make things more comfortable as required.  I usually workout 5 days/week. Something different everyday. Typical week is one day of each of the following: yoga, running, T 25 or easier insanity video, hike,  elliptical/weights/gym workout.  The days I don't workout,  I try to walk 10K steps/day (my phone tracks my steps).

I would suggest starting with something easy and just working up to what u can comfortably tolerate without pushing yourself much. Good luck!
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My first trimester was tough. I managed to go on nightly walks a few times per week, but was too nauseous for much else. At almost 19 weeks, I now run 3 days a week and weight train 3 days a week. Simple circuits with free weights ie. curls, overhead press, seated rows, tri kickbacks and push ups for upper body, and squats, step ups with kick, deadlift, calf raises, and lunges for lower body. Generally 3 sets of 15 for everything. Limited to 20lbs as directed by midwife, but it feels good to stay fit! Running a 5K tomorrow :D
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For those of you who have doen the insanity. Did it work for you guys? How much did u weight befor and after(please say in kg)?? I want to start after pregnancy. I was 80 kg befor and 90 kg now(am 36 weeks). I gain alot of weight during me living for study in another cou try and havent lost it. I Need to lose around 20kg
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Insanity is one of my favorite workouts! I really like p90x too.
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I walk/jog, elliptical, prenatal yoga.
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