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quitting smoking

I need help I'm 8 wks and am finding it more difficult to quit smoking than I thought it'd be. I smoked with my first pregnancy cause I was younger and dumber. But daughter was healthy weight, 3 days late and perfect. Any advice on how to quit would b appreciated but no judgement please..
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I am a similar situation. With my first I never even tried. This one I was able to stop by switching from cigarette to black and mild. I hated the taste of them so it made it easier. I avoided anyone smoking or that smoked until I stopped craving them. My fiance would spray himself and chew gum before he would come home and never let me see him smoke.I haven't smoked in 5 months but am not gonna lie I can't wait for a cigarette
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Why don't u do one of those e cigarettes, that helped my husband to quit after 20 years of smoking, or can u do the patch or gum? I don't know if that could affect ur baby but ask ur doctor first
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I been smoking all the way up until my 13th week.  Everytime I had a cigarette I ended up with a headache and my sides were hurting a lot. I haven't had one since Monday and I have not  craved for one since.
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Just go cold turkey, that's what I did when I was about 4 weeks. Its hard but your baby is worth it!! That's what kept me going. If cold turkey is too hard then just slowly cut back.. not sure how many you smoke daily but cut down one for a few days, then two etc.. good luck!!
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Try to wait as long as you can in the day to. It helped me.
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Thankfully I quit before I got pregnant. What helped me was to write down all of the reasons why I decided to quit. When I had a craving I would having something else, gum, candy or even suck on a cinnamon stick. Everyone is different you have to find something that will work for you. Once I noticed the benefits to not smoking, I didn't want to smoke anymore. One of the best changes I've ever made. I honesy thought that I would be a life long smoker until I decided I didn't want it any more. Its not easy but you can do it! Good luck!
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It's so hard! But u can do it! I cut down.  Waited as long as possible.  Gave myself 3 cigs a day. Then went to 1. Then took hits here n there off my husband. Took 37 wks with my daughter but I stopped.  I was able to quit cold turkey with my older 2. Last pregnancy was to difficult.  I never took a hit again.  So scared of being addicted again.  Plus I breastfeed my 1 yr old and I'm 20 wks preg so glad I was able to stop. Just wean slowly
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Thank you for your comments and encouragement. I have used black n milds to quit a few times in the past. But to even think about the taste of one makes me nauseous now that I'm pregnant. Want to try an ecigarette and the doc offered the patch but I'm allergic to them, and m-i-l doesn't like the idea that it goes straight into the blood.
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