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safe to get a massage?

hi ladies,
on my bday this weekend I told hubby I'd really love a massage at this nearby parlour, cuz I couldn't think of anything else. (other ideas?)

on second thoughts, I remember reading that massages can trigger contractions and bring on labour. that would be very risky . I'll be 18 weeks.

what do y'all think? have u got a massage done during ur pregnancy?  any do's or don'ts?
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Yes its safe as long as u see a certified massage therapist who speacializes in PRENATAL MASSAGE. That is very important to let then know u need prenatal massage. They will know and be professionally trained to avoid trouble areas. I work at a massage therapy spa who offers prenatal and i am now pregant myself. I havent gotten a massage yet, but i will! :-)
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I frequently get massages. They are wonderful!  At 18 weeks you should be fine. I would just confirm with the place that there is someone there with experience with prenatal massages. You'll have to lie on your sides instead of your back or stomach and they won't do as much with your feet, but it should definitely feel good!
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Ohh a massage would be so nice! Definately get a prenatal massage. Now I want one! Lol :)
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Thank you for your responses ladies. I'll ask hubby to book a prenatal massage and remind them again at my appointment  :-)

@2ndbabyduefeb13th:  you should get one too! How far along are you?

@lkann:  I can't get my feet massaged anyway cuz I'm super ticklish and would burst out in laughter or kick the masseuse! !  lol
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I got a prenatal massage at a very very reputable spa. This place had a specific table with a cutout for belly so you can in a sense be on your stomach but without pressure on your tummy or having risk.  Some places do it on your sides, some have the table, but being in that position felt great. Also, the feet thing isn't true. I'd say a large portion of the massage was spent on my feet and legs. That is why you go to a certified prenatal massage therapist not a regular one. They know all of the specific points and all that. And they'd have to be doing both feet at the same time to trigger anything, so don't worry. I researched it a ton before i went at about 34 weeks for my bday. It was soooooo amazing by the way especially this far along. Much better than a normal massage.
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I want one too now....
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I got a few recently and they really helped me! I am 38+5, so triggering contractions wasn't an issue, but she did explain to me there are certain areas that trigger them. Definitely specify you want a prenatal massage. My therapist also gave me some good stretches for my hips!
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Make sure they offer prenatal massage. As long as they offer prenatal massage services than you will be fine.
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Now I want one!
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Yes getting a massage doing pregnancy is safe! I got a prenatal massage on my bday in June

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