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somebody, anybody, tell me to chill outttt!! "/

I don't know what's wrong with me, but at 12w4d I simply just don't feel pregnant.

my nausea is gone (unless something triggers it.. chicken for example), boobs aren't killing me, not really feeling the light "cramps" in my belly anymore, etc. my fiancé swears (and I do see it) that I have a cute little belly already, I'm still super tired/sleepy all the time, certain things trigger heartburn..

idk, I just know I've read too many stories of women still having pregnancy symptoms even after they've miscarried.
I last saw our baby at 9w4d & 9w6d.. first time was in the ER, second was at my 1st OB appt.
[again, diagnosed with a Subchorionic Hemorrhage - I've seen NO dark brown blood since about 11w].
I'm just scared to death to go to our next appt. at 13w6d (next thursday) & NOT see/hear a heartbeat.

are there signs of a miscarriage at this point? am I not the only one freaking out?! lol -- I almost upset my fiancé when I talk/worry so I've avoided saying anything to him.. so here I am, seeking answers from you ladies.
sorry it's so long.. 25, ftm, freaking out.. thanks in advance for your responses!!
keep us in your prayers!! ❤
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I know how you feel..no.matter how much you tell yourself not to panic being a first time mom makes it hard not to. We had a number of little complications and bumps along the way but we are now 37 + 3 and baby is growing.. You will be fine
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I'm sure you're just fine. Try not to stress. I haven't had any nausea or breast tenderness since I was about 10ish weeks. I'm now 37+1. I'm a ftm to, and there are things I still worry about. I'm sorry I can't be of much help. Just try not to worry so much! Take care and best of wishes. :)
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Most pregnancy symptoms go away after the first trimester not all women get this lucky but your far enough along for your symptoms to start easing up
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Btw, chill out!!! :D
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LOL!!! thank you sooo much @Ooolala1988!!

& to @emommyof3 & @excited 123: my fiancé keeps saying a lot of the same things.. only because a few weeks ago I kept saying "I can't wait to get to 12/13 weeks so I don't feel so crappy."

so now he says I got my wish, and I'm freaking out lol I'm trying sooo hard!!
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You're likely just fine and so is baby. I'm a ftm too. Until I could feel my daughter I worried constantly. It comes with the territory. Hang in there sweetie and chill out. :-)
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lol thank you for that!! & that's exactly what I'm so anxious for.. once I can feel him/her I KNOW I'll feel 1,000,000 times better!!

thanks again, TRYING to chill out now!! lol (((:
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lol, you're welcome OctoberMommy2014! Also I agree with angjara, it got much better for me when I started feeling my lo move!
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around when did you start feeling him/her move?
I mean the FIRST TIME.. not necessarily kicking or punching lol, but I've heard the first movements feel like butterflies maybe??
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I started feeling slight flutters around 13-15 weeks
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I am 17w and if I didn't have this crazy belly which is bigger than the 2 other girls I know whom are both 17w I would be freaking out also. The last time I heard mines heart beat was 3 weeks ago and I ddon't have an appointment again til monday. I want to run to the er just to make sure everything I still ok but my hubby talks me out of it.
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Hm, I think I started feeling him move(flutters) at around 15-16ish weeks. Some people feel it sooner than others or later than others. It got stronger around 20ish or so weeks aaanddd it's amazing! :)
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ahhh I can't wait!! lol I know every single body is different, but as long as I have an estimate I feel a little better..

when I was in the ER though, not sure how accurate it is.. my OB hasn't addressed it yet.. but it said I had an anterior fundal placenta? I've looked it up, and apparently it just means my placenta is more up & towards the front of my uterus.. making it more difficult to feel movement early on.

just thought about that.. I need to bring that up next week!! ((:
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Chill out!! Everything is going to be okay. .. you dont have to have pregnancy symptoms in order to know that your pregnancy is healthy.  Consider yourself blessed because I would give anything to not have to deal with the crap I am dealing with... I am seriously sick of my doctor's office... not the doctor but since I have to go so often I am really sick of it! There are moments when I feel like I'm not pregnant (happened more during my 1st and 2nd trimester). You will get more peace of mind when you are able to feel your baby move... at 19 weeks I went to the ER because I was bleeding (had a UTI and didn't know it) and I was freaking out until my little girl woke up and started kicking me to tell me go chill out and that she was okay
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I've thought about running to the ER too! but my fiancé isn't having that lol
he swears I just need to relax, have faith, and I'm stressing way too much.. which I know isn't good for the baby either, but geez!! all signs are good.. no pain, bleeding, etc. but I just need reassurance!

I'm thinking about getting a fetal doppler for home.. I'd be content with at least hearing the heartbeat every now & then!
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Yes, you should bring it up to your ob. I've heard of it but not sure what exactly it is. I think it's pretty common though if I'm not mistaken?
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awe, I'm sooo looking forward to that!! gosh, I can't wait!
I keep telling myself this is a blessing & to enjoy it.. Lord I pray He helps me get to a more "relaxed" state of mind.. I'm getting there!!

thank you so much! (((:
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Breath woman and enjoy the days when you aren't hurting, puking, sore or swollen! You are gonna stess yourself too much and its not good for you or baby.
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awe, yes you're right.. aside from the Subchorionic Hemorrhage - I've also got to go see a specialist on May 6th regarding my cervix.

my OB THINKS, but isn't positive, that my cervix may be short/small.. just something else to worry about. I'm happy she brought it up, b/c all together I've had 3 separate doctors who've never said anything about my cervix being a potential problem if/when I decided to get pregnant.

just trying to stay positive, and I can NOT wait for this baby to start kicking me!! lol I know it's got to be tough, but geez.. we've had too many scares already too..
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@Ooolala1988: yes, it seems pretty common.. I hate that it could affect me feeling him/her move sooner, but as long as they're healthy... I'll CHILL OUT and wait!! lol

@sprmom87: I know I know, it's getting better.. I truly was a mess last week. & my fiancé agrees.. I should be happy that I'm not as miserable as I was.. taking deep, deep breaths & having faith!!! (((:
thank you so much!
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I've heard mixed reviews about fetal dopplers. I was going to get one in the beginning cause I worried a lot lol. But I decided not to because I think I would've stressed myself to death if I wasn't able to pick anything up on it!
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I miscarried in September and I was scared to death that there wasn't a baby inside me and i was having a false pregnancy.  I was shaking so bad at the ultra sound and when I heard the heart beat for the first time I sobbed. The only advice I can give you is to relax and have faith hormones fluctuate according to my mom (I went through not feeling pregnant too). Stress isn't good for either of you it will be okay :)
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ugh, my fiancé literally just said the same thing..

"won't you FREAK out if you can't do it right?!"

yeah, I guess I will.. geeeeez give me a break!!! lol my hormones are just everywhere! haha - I may get one, maybe not.. once I get to my OB next week that'll ease my mind a lot.. so, we shall see! (((:
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thank you! I keep reading that too... and I was actually like this a few weeks ago.. around 8 weeks or so my nausea went away.

well, not too long went by & I felt horrible all over again lol I do think it's gone for the most part, but it was just ONE of the things that I noticed a huge change in.

I've just got to accept that my hormones are going to be everywhere & I won't feel the exact same all the time... ugh, it's just so much to absorb! lol

thank you so much for responding!! keep us in your prayers!! ((:
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