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success stories of people who had hcg numbers that were slow to rise ?? anyone?

Is there anyone out there that had a pregnancy that was slow to start and was told they were going to m/c that went on to have a baby??  

heres my update:  went for ultrasound today nothing found(only 3w3d)  have more labs tomorrow.  more progesterone shot on Monday cyst on right ovary decreased in size..  wait and see game.  could use some good stories to keep our spirits up...
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i would be interested in finding this out too....i'm in the same boat.  god bless us all!!
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My sister's hcg's did not double properly at first and was told to prepare to miscarriage and never did. She delivered a healthy baby.
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I am one of them! My numbers did not double and I had low progesterone. I am now 23 weeks prego with a healthy baby girl! I think my numbers doubles every 4-5 days. I can't remember the exact #'s but it was a concern and I was told that it was probably not a viable pregnancy! Well here I am!
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I too have low progesterone.  my numbers double every 5 days.  how far along are you??  do get the injections??  I was told by one dr to go home and miscarry and changed drs to get another oopinion. I almost didn't  but something inside said go to this dr,  and I'm waiting to see if its viable..  I pray that it is.  but its still early...
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I am 23 weeks almost 24 weeks! I did the progesterone for 3 weeks and then stopped them myself cause they made me feel horrible! I felt whatever was going to happen was going to happen! I did the pills! Only god know sweetie! Just keep your head up and pray! I always prayed to God and just told him that he knew best and if it wasn't meant to be that I trusted in him and if it was than I would do my best to make this a healthy baby that he has blessed me with! Just keep your head up! It ain't over! Did you change doctor's yet? You are very early and I by no means would even consider giving up! Sticky baby dust and I pray you have a great 9 months!
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I replied to you below (http://www.medhelp.org/perl6/Maternal/messages/44997.html).  My hcg levels got to a place where they didn't double (this was at a time when I was being told I was probably miscarrying), but then I was told that the number was high enough to still be considered normal, so they did another ultrasound and confirmed that I was definitely miscarrying when they did not see a yolk sac or fetal pole at 8 weeks.  My doctor suggested a D&C or Cytotec, but I told him I wanted to wait to let my body do what it needed to do on it's own.  My body never did anything and I went for another ultrasound at 9 weeks, 5 days and there was a baby.  I'm 23 weeks pregnant now.
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I did change drs.  I am going to an swesome drs office.  they gave me shots yesterday in the butt.  but it will be well worth it if god allows me to continue with this.  I have no bleeding or discomfort.  my hcg levels are still within the normal range however are not doubling..  I'm a little stressed but feel better hearing success stories..  I am 3w3d today last period was 10/9 so in all reality I'm lucky to know now..  it will be a long two weeks but i figured at the end of the wait I'll know something.  did you have any bleeding or anything??  how low was your progeserone??  mine was 3.9..congrats  its good to here good stories where the dr is wrong...
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I too have this exact problem right now.  I went for an ultrasound today at 6w2d pregnant.  The doctor says things looked good.  Then he wanted to see my HCG levvls again today.  The were still low, but slightly rising.  It went from 609 to 767 in 5 days.  He wants me to test my HCG levels again in a few days.  He said it looks like the beginning of a miscarraige.  I asked if I should consider this pregnancy pretty much over.  He siad to be "questionably optimistic"  I am not sure what he meant by that.  He did say that it is possible that the pregnancy will be fine.  I have been crying all day, and can't control my emotions.  I have already told so many people about the prognancy.  Now I don't know if I should wait and see beofe I tell anyone anything else.  I don't think I will be able to hide the sadness I am feeling.  This is going to be a very hard few days to get my next HCG results back.
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PLEASE HELP - I am going crazy.  I was in pain last week and went to hopsital with a suspected ectopic pregancy.  I have recently had IVF and had two embryos transferred on 25 October so I am only threee and a half weeks since conception (or 5 .5 according to doctors!).  I had a scan and it was too early to setermine anythign so they took my HCG levels.  In 48 hours I have gone from 8600 to 1400 and I have been told as they have not doubled then I will most certainly miscarry.  Can anyone give me any advice or has anyone been through the same.  I am at work and can't stop crying my eyes out as this would be my second miscarriage.
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I'm so thankful that I found this board!  I too am in a similary situation.  I am 6 wks 3 days pg by LMP of 1/8/08; however I always ovulate late in my cycle, and suspected I did on CD 21, which would have been 1/29.  Here are my labs:
2/7    9 DPO HCG=94.7 Progesterone 19.6
2/9  11 DPO HCG=210.7 (more than doubled in 48 hours)
2/12  Started Crinone 8% due to history of low progesterone with last 2 pg's and 1st pg ended in m/c reason unknown
2/18  19 DPO HCG=855.1 (took 4.4 days to double)

Because my levels were slow rising but not doubling from 2/11 to 2/18, dr. told me things didn't look hopeful.  He did an u/s on 2/18 (I was exactly 6 wks by LMP but by O date I was less than 5 wks) and dr. "thought" he "may" have seen the beginnings of a gestational sac, but said he couldn't be for certain.  He also found a "benign cyst" on my left ovary.  It wasn't until after he did the u/s that he checked my HCG levels and that's when we found out it was 855.1.  This level is still good for being 19 DPO, but it's bad that it didn't double appropriately.  

Anyone have any thoughts on this?  Since my HCG was kind of high at 9 DPO, could this be a vanishing twin?  I had pg symtpoms of full breasts, heartburn, extreme fatigue and then that let a bit, and now 2 days later my breasts are tingling, heartburn has returned.   Is this a good sign or a result of the Crinone gel?
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my hcg only rose 20% in two days.  I was told I was going to miscarry.  I was also spotting.  I waiting until I hit 7 weeks and had a  u/s and found a heartbeat.  I now have a healthy 5 month old baby boy.
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This is an old thread but I too have hcg levels that are only rising by 20% (1439 - 1739) in 48 hours. I just wondered if anyone had a gestational sac that measured one week behind dates too? Did you kjbutcher?
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I am 8 weeks pregnant and yesterday my Ultrasound showed my baby at 5 weeks. I have been spotting and my HCG level on Friday was 8600. I was told I am most likely having a miscarriage. I never had one before and have 1 beautiful 4 year old. I took another HCG blood draw yesterday and waiting for the results. I don't even know what to think but hopeful after reading some of these stories. The doctor was so vague and I was alone at the appointment. Was the sac empty or is it possible for late ovulation but 3 weeks off? I am so confused.
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I had my last menstrual perion on 3 rd march .. I always have irregular periods and might have ovulated late in between mar 24 to28 .. Bt got a positive result on april 7 which was really faint..and hcg levels are too low and slowly rising ..on april 7 it was 78 and a week later it was 364 .. Dr is expecting miscarriage.bt till nw i havent .am having some sort cramps all over the abdomen . And no symptoms at all.. Today we did a u/s thru vagina n nothing is ther in the uterus .. Actually whats goin on with me ..could any body help....
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I'm kinda in the same boat. I took a positive pg test on april 7th. Ive had 2 miscarriage before to I went to the ER to get checked out. I had an U/S done and they found the sac. I also had my hcg level tested.

I went back that next day and tested my hcg level again and it only went up 10%. The dr called and told me I will be miscarring.

I waited for a week and nothing happened. I called my dr and she told me to come in for another U/S. This time they found a heatbeat and the beginning of the spine. She told me the baby is still growing to wait another week and come back. She said I was 5w6d.

Once again I went back  a week later. baby is still growing. 6w5d. The heartbeat is 145.  Dr said I can still  miscarry at any time, not to get my hopes up. I did start to spot a little on and off a couple weeks ago and had some cramping but so far everything is ok.

I go back may 22 to hear the heartbeat. (fingers crossed)
Today May 1st Im 8 weeks.

She also wants me to get tested for birth defects. not sure if I really want to.  Has anyone had those tests done???  My husband really thinks we should.
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So happy I found this post! I'm concerned - my HCG levels came back and they are technically still in the normal range (3617). My doctor said that is ok, but he wanted to see a ten fold increase (levels from last week were 520, so I should have been 5,200). He said the minimum they should be is 2800, so technically it's ok, but I'm still really worried. I'm 5 weeks and 3 days now. I've also been diagnosed with PCOS. After over a year of failure TTC the natural way and then with the help of clomid, we tried IUI  amd i got pregnant on the first try! Just hoping everything goes well - Praying for a healthy baby!
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Hi your stories just made me cry. I am 4weeks pregnant my HCG last Wednesday was in the 500's then today a week later it was in the 1900's last week they didn't see anything on the US today they said they are starting to see a sac, but they are determined that I am still going to miscarry because of my hcg levels I don't know what to think or where to turn.
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I'm in similar boat here too.
3/24 my hcg was 102, prog 11. (was prescribed prog)
3/26 my hcg was 198, prog 22.
(Dr was happy - said in less than 24 hrs it doubled and the prog went up)
4/3 my hcg was 5503 (prog not tested) I'm thinking this figure is much higher than expected at this point
4/10 my hcg was only 10,492 and prog dropped to 15.
Dr said looks like this is a sign as to where this pregnancy is going. (meaning miscarriage).
I've had 4 miscarriages in the 2 year span we've been trying. If this doesn't make it it will be 5. I'm hoping everything is fine. It's so nice to read so many happy endings to low or dropping hcg levels. I think the Dr.'s tend to make us "give up" emotionally and physically we follow. I'm going to try to keep a hopeful and positive outlook this time and see what happens. I'm 44 and cant afford IVF so this has been an emotional roller coaster.
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You must stay positive and KEEP YOUR TRUST IN GOD.  I have had 5 miscarriages with Jan 2014 being my 5th.  I just found out  I was pregnant again and everyone is scratching their heads.  my hcg levels are higher than what they are seeing but GOD can do anything and everything above what we can ask or think.  If you believe God put that baby there, rebuke that devil and he will flee, believe me I know.  It's a scary ride but keep trusting in God despite what the doctors say.  God is above all doctors and He has the final say.  I only have your first name but God knows who you are, I will pray for you that you will go your full duration. In Jesus Name!! God Bless You!!
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I know your comment was meant for someone else but I want you to know it reached me today.  I sit here on the roller coaster of life asking God what is he doing.  It started with a miracle pregnancy.  I was not supposed to be able to get pregnant...from there though it has been low progesterone, low hcg levels, slow rising hcg levels, and two ultrasounds with no heartbeat.  I am 8 weeks pregnant today.  I keep praying for God to give clear answers but they just get more confusing.  The doctors expect a miscarriage but aren't sure why my levels are still rising slowly.  I go in for another ultrasound next week.  I trust God I really do but right now I just want it to clear.  My husband and I had already decided to get away this weekend and grieve the loss of our unborn baby and now they want me to do another ultrasound.  Its a little much and I try to keep telling myself God won't give me more than I can handle but right now I was starting to feel like it is more than I can handle...then I read your post.  Thank you for the reminder of where my thoughts, beliefs, and actions need to be.  God Bless You!
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please help, not sure what's happening.
My hcg is rising slowly (3539-3954) and progesterone is staying the same(15). I've been taking progesterone supplements twice a day for a week now . The last u/s taken at 5/2 just gestational sac. The midwife strongly suggest to stop taking the progesterone as she feels that its not a viable pregnancy and the progesterone is only delaying msc.
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Hi, I don't know  if you will get this since it is like 8 years ago, but I am in that situation now.  I had IVF done on 8/14/14 and on 8/24/14 my hcg level was only 8.4. Now on the 28th is was only at 11.  The doctor said there is no chance... I feel otherwise.  I was told to stop meds (progesterone), but I don't feel I should.  
Do you remember what your levels were?
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How did that turn out for you ?

On 3/13 my level was 7
On 3/20 my level was 8
on 3/27 my level was 11

I go back tomorrow, 4/2 to test my levels again... did you miscarry?
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