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to get my tubes tied?

Ok so my husband and I are having a baby girl at the beginning of Feb. This will be our first but he also has a six year old son. We have decided due to me having interstitial cystitus which is a bladder disease and being bipolar and having to be off of meds again and physically carrying another baby would not be inmy best interest or the babies. So we agreed that I would get my tubes tied. I am almost positive of this decision well that was till I told my family and they didn't criticize me but told me I should really think harder about it and give it time due to their own experiences. I'm 27 years old and haven't been able to work since around month 2. I'm just wanting some advice or some personal experience. Anything.  I.         Just want to make the right decision since its a big one.
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I'm with your family. ...I would rethink that decision.  Are you not comfortable enough with birth control instead?
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I'm 28 yrs old and 38 weeks pregnant with my second child. I told my doctor a couple days ago that I want to get my tubes tied as well. He said statistically 85-90% of women our age regret getting their tubes tied. He said he will do it but had a really long discussion about the pros and cons of doing it so young. He said to rethink it when I'm not pregnant. Cause obviously bring pregnant again is the LAST thing on my mind right now at 38 weeks. I still definitely want to do it. But you really should think it thru a ton before you go thru with it. If you ever changed your mind later down the road, it costs around $10,000 to get it reversed and it's not a guarantee that it will even work. Birth control is a good alternative too. Just remember that once you do it, it's pretty much 100% decision. Just something to think about. I'm still considering it after my doctor told me all that the other day. Good Luck!
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I never imagined at 27 that I would have another baby at 32, then another at 34. My husband and I were done, so I thought. He luckily had a visectomy instead of me having a tubal ligation because he changed his mind. He was able to have a reversal and now we are about to have our 4th child. Had I had the tubal it would not be possible and we would have been devastated. You said you were Almost 100% positive before your family spoke up...you need to be 100% sure. Maybe alternative methods until you are at least 30,  then decide.
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Interstial cystitis is horrible and can be a lot to deal with by it self without the pregnancy. On top of that having to be off of the bipolar meds is incredible. Only you know what you are going thru. You have incredible insight. If after careful deliberation that is the decision you think is right then so  be it.  

That being said if there is a shred of doubt then there are other options that can be nearly as good for protection.

A hormonal iud like mirena is something you can set and forget. The drug delivery is local. I had it twice  for a total of 9 years and it served me well. Now I'm am pregnant when I was hoping to be. And that is just one option.  
I don't envy your position but wish you good luck and no regrets.
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27 is still really young. I would rethink it. A really good form of birth control is the paraguard IUD, it doesn't have hormones and it lasts for five years. Maybe try something like that instead of something so permanent? Also, it is way less invasive for a man to get his tubes snipped then for a women to have an actual operation that requires recovery time. If you did decide to not have any more kids, maybe your husband should think about having that done instead of you going through surgery. From what I hear it takes fifteen minutes and he can just walk out of the office and go about his day like nothing happened
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I am 26 and am pregnant with baby #2 right now. I am getting my tubes tied right after I have the baby. I am quite ill physically with autoimmune disorders. I also suffer from severe anxiety I choose not to be medicated for while pregnant, just to avoid excessive meds. It is the right choice for us. We have talked, and agreed this pregnancy would be our last, before we even conceived. Even if one day we got the baby itch again, it would not be in my, or a baby's, best interest to be pregnant again, and having my tubes tied makes it something we can't give in to.

Good luck! It is a difficult decision, but one only you ultimately can make!
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I totally agree with all the other women...I wanted my tubes tied at 24 after my 3rd son. My dr pointed out that over 90% of women that tie their tubes regret it in some form. Not to mention I only had male children.  Not to mention that not everyone that is married stays that way. And god forbid something happen to 1 or all of your children. I'm so glad she  took the timeto help me think it through. Later I did get divorced. I am now pregnant with a baby girl and the man of my dreams that I'm now with has no children at all. I'm just saying be careful of a decision so permanent when your in a temporary situation (pregnancy). I suffered from depression and anxiety as well with my last child and I know that if I were now unable to have kids and with a man who really want one but has none and that I can see myself marrying etc I'd really be down.
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I'm 28 and had my tubes tied two weeks ago, it was the worst decision I could have made. I have had such a bad depression from having it done. I was told that if I got pregnant again me and/or baby wouldn't live through it, so I didn't really see another option. But I wish I would have never her it done, so if there is any doubt in your mind its not what you want, I wouldn't do it. Id hate to see any one go through the pain and depression I've been experiencing. Also it did hurt really bad if you deliver vaginally, I heard it isn't as bad if you have c section. Good luck!
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It does sound like a good option for you but it doesn't hurt to research all options. I've known a lot of family members who have gotten their tubes tied and the reviews are mixed. Some say it's the best decision they ever made and others totally regret it. I would discuss all your options with your doc. My hubby and I have decided that after this baby he is getting a vasectomy. It'll have the same results for us as tube tying but it's an easier process for him to be fixed than me.
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Thank you ladies so much. I really appreciate all the responses. I will definitely pray about it more and be 100% positive before I go through with it.
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