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too early for an ultrasound

hi there,

We are pregnant for the first time. We will be going to the gynae tomorrow and I will be 5 weeks pregnant on Tuesday. Is this too early for an ultrasound?
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You likely won't see much, so don't freak if you don't. It's best to wait until you're 7+ weeks because you're more likely to see the fetal pole and heartbeat at that point.
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Yea they normally won't do them till your at least 7 weeks unless there checking to make sure it's not eptopic cause baby is so small they wouldn't be able to see anything but the sac. They more than likely schedule you one in 2 weeks. Congrats on your pregnacy
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Thanks so much and good luck with your pregnancy as well!
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Thanks Cindy. I'm all new to this. Have a couple of health issues so we rather going so early to the gynae for that
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I went to the hospital when I was 6 weeks pregnant because I had a pain on my left side. They took my blood and tested the level of hCG and if the level was high enough (I don't remember exactly the figure) I will have an ultrasound the next day - which I had.
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U will se gestational sac n yolk  sac. Sometimes  only the gest  sac is present n the yolk  sac develops later. Tell us what u saw after ur USG . Happy 9 months
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I had mine at 7 weeks and saw a heartbeat but you may not see much at 5 weeks.  Good luck
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They did one on me at 5 1/2 weeks and all we could see is the sac. They said u can see the baby at 6 wks.
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i would say yes.. it is pretty early.. however its a good way of finding out where pregnancy lies such as is it normal pregnancy or ectopic... but if you are really looking for baby with heartbeat then it would have been best to go in after 7-8wks... most of the hospitals recommend coming between 12-14 wks as it can help them determine everything more properly and tell if pregnancy is viable plus it reduces some chances of miscarriage as well.... alot of women go early and find hb however end up having missed miscarriage before 13wks...

Plus it cause less hassel as you wont be able to see much at this stage which sometimes cause panick...

take care n best of luck
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I found out at 6 weeks but didn't have mine til 11 wks which was actually 10 wks according to the baby measurements i know what you mean about worrying if the baby was settled where it was supposed to be :/ felt so much better once i saw the baby was all nice and comfy and the little heartbeat :) im sure yours will be fine too :)
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I went in thinking I was 8.5 weeks along, and I was only 6 weeks. Saw baby moving, and saw hearbeat on ultrasound, and even got to hear it, via ultrasound. Hopefully, the ultrasound is high tech, and you can see your baby. A very precious moment indeed. :-)
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I am 6 weeks now and I had one @ 5 weeks 1 day ... could only see sac and was nicely in uterus, I had another one 5 weeks and 5 days and we could see fetal pole but doc said heartbeat not yet,,,, sometimes they can see this but usually not until 6.5+ weeks.....
I hope this helps, and dont be put off by not seeing much at this point, little bubas do alot of growing in such small amount of time,
good luck
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