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ur husband is from ______ contry and u r from ______ contry

What is ur baby LOL something fun... Example I'm from Puerto Rico and my husband is from Mexico my baby is half and half
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I'm from New Zealand(I'm maori, english, french and portugese) and my partner is also from New Zealand(he is english,welsh, spanish and italian).
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I am as American as they come, like Mayflower! So a mix of Euro immigrants.  My husband is from El Salvador, so he speaks Spanish, but his family is from Palestine.  How crazy is that? Our kids have great tans! And the girls have crystal blue eyes.
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Both my husband and I were born in the U.S. I am Irish, Scottish, English, Austrian, Spanish & Italian. He is Japanese and English.
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I am Canadian with mix of English and French. My husband is from Mexico so Spanish. We have a little girl and a boy coming next week hopefully.
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My husband is Italian and Germany and Im Brazillian...we were both born.here in the U.S but still a nice mix i think..lol
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im from new Zealand but im white and my hubbys is born in Australia but is Palestinian (Arab) so my kids r half white and half Arab
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We are both white Scottish, but I have English and German blood in me, he has Welsh blood in him x
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My hubby is Portuguese and I am Canadian so our baby will be half and half. I can't wait tosee what she looks like!
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We are both from the US but I'm white (mainly German but got some Irish, English and Scottish in there) he is black we have traced his family back to slavery but don't know much else for him.
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Our first is very light skinned and many don't even know he is mixed we're very curious to see what this one will look like.
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I am u.s. born but I am Irish , Scottish, and Danish. My husband is pascua Yaqui Native American and Mexican.  Both of my sons have a nice tan. One has brown hair and deep brown almond shaped eyes while the other has dark blonde/light brown hair and big almond shaped blue eyes. I am curious as to what this little one will look like.
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We are both from New Zealand. Im a white blue eyed Maori with Scottish Irish and Portugese blood and my partner is a North Island Maori through and through with hazel eyes. Hoping for a tan baby with coloured eyes!!
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Im from Puerto Rico my hubby is from 1/2 north Chilean and 1/2 south Chilean wich means European and Indian (good mix) so lets see how my lil boy looks like
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I'm half polish Jewish descent, and half Scottish, my husband is primarily German. I'm hoping for a blonde hair blue eyed girl. Lol
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Same here. I'm PR and hubby MX
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My kids are blue eyes , white blondes. Hubby has green yellowish eyes and.mine.r.green.
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We are both from us white (German,scotish,Irish,) my hubby is black ( Panamanian,Indian) a good mix we can't wait to see our princess 10 weeks to go
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I'm from Australia but my husband is from America :)
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Im romania and hubby is israely so our babys are. 1/2 and 1/2
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I'm a mutt American...basically german, native american, and Irish, and my bf is half Japanese.
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I am of Nigerian descent and my boyfriend is of Dutch/ Irish descent.
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I am American and my partner is from Ghana (Africa)
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