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weight gain

So I'm 25 weeks and went to the Dr today. The place I go rotates between drs,midwives and nps. So I met this one Dr for the first time today. She seemed a bit harsh. I asked her about weight gain. I was 154 before I got pregnant and I'm 5'4". I had a little extra but didnt think I was too bad. Today I weighed in at 173 and was told by the Dr I need to slow down. She said you have already gained too much. Really? I was just curious how much weight everyone else has gained at 25 weeks. She made me feel ****** and told me I'm going to get gestational diabetes.
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I gained way more than you at that point and kept bringing it up to drs because i ate normal like pre-pregnancy and still do and never overate, never had cravings and worked out since day 1 and they never seemed to take an interest in my weight concern at 2 different dr offices (i moved mid pregnancy). I am 38 weeks and dont have gest. diabetes, but baby is measuring big and i am retaining a lot of water apparently so i guess that's part of it. I kind of wish my drs took a little more interest in why i gained so much with all i do workoutwise and not pigging out and such. I am 5'2".
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Im also 25weeks too and gained about 14kgs..since you say he was mean id suggest you ask for another doctors thoughts on your weight,dont panic...
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I was worried about the same thing I asked m u doc 2 weeks ago if my weight was getting to much she said every woman and pregnancy is different she said no matter how much weight I gain as long as I and the baby are healthy that's the main factor . II'm only 4'7 if that and I was 135 before pregnancy and now I'm160 and I'm only 30 weeks so i still have time ... but no matter how much you gain as long as you and the baby are ok and growing everything is and should be fine .. hope it helps mama
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I'm in Australia and they say around 12.5kg is healthy (from the internet), in saying that I'm only 4 weeks with my first (yay!!!) and have my first doctor appointment today, so I have no personal experience!!!  My friend is about 5'2 and she gained almost 20kg and so did my mum when she was pregnant with me. My doctor always says as long as you're eating in moderation, eating healthy and walking (or doing some sort of exercise every day) you're fine, every body is different!!!
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I'm 24w1d and have gained 20 lbs already. Some doctors may be harsh but as long as baby is growing safe and healthy that's ask that should really matter. I try to eat healthy with occasional cravings but the weight just sticks to me. So sometimes I feel during pregnancy is inevitable to not gain weight.
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They say in Australia anything around 12-15kg is healthy but average person will put on up to 20kg (everyone I know has put on 20kf at least!) most of it is fluid and baby/placenta etc. personally, I put on 7kg in my first trimester and have only put on 2kg in my second. I haven't changed my eating or exercise.
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I'm in Australia too. I'm 21wks and put on 6kgs which is about 13lbs. My dr doesn't care about weight but hospital said I shouldn't put on more then 10kgs or about 20lbs this pregnancy as my prepregnancy weight was 90kgs (anout 198lbs). However I was the same prepregnancy weight last pregnancy and putnon 17kgs or about 37lbs and lost it all without any trouble.
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I'm 34wks and I've only gained 15lbs so far...my doc said I needed to gain more weight...like a pound a week to be at 21lbs the entire pregnancy. I'm 5'4 and 139lbs prepregnancy so I was below the ideal according to them. At around 31wks I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes so now I'm on a 2100 calorie diabetic diet which I hate...since I'm pretty active (normal) so I'm always starving! My blood sugar levels have been good but I'm subjected to scans every single week and non stress tests until I deliver which is so inconvenient :( So in a nutshell...I'm sorry she made u feel bad that's terrible but while fast weight gain may be a sign of gestational diabetes it's not a guarantee it will happen to u, since I was the opposite with weight gain and I have GD! I had no indications before the standard test... My advice is to just stay as active as u can and eat as clean as u can and as long as u and baby are ok, alls well :) Good luck momma!
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I've gained so much girl I have gained 30 pounds and my midwife said the same thing to me but everything is coming out normal no diabetes no anything wrong with me or the baby. Don't worry about as long as you eat healthy that what matters.
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I gained 50 lbs total with my first but I ate everything I wanted. This time I haven't even gained 20 and I deliver Thursday. Excessive weight gain can be an issue but as long as you don't feel like it's from over indulging don't worry about it
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I eat healthy and I don't eat things I'm not supposed to the worst habit I have is I have a can of soda a few times a week other than that my diet is not bad. And I walk everyday. I have to take my gdt in 2 weeks so I guess we will see. I dont have any symptoms of gestational diabetes so I'm not too worried. This is my second. I gained 60lbs with my first son almost 11 yrs ago and the Dr I had back then never said anything about my weight. And I lost half of it by the time I left the hospital.
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