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4 missed pills can ibe pregnant?

On feb 16th i missed my pill and i took it the next day when i remembered. Same thing happened on the 18th and i took it the following day again. On the 19th in the morning i took my pill from last night, but i completeky missed my pill for that day andthe 20th, On the 21st i woke up bleeding. When i realized i missed those pills i took 2 that day and the day after. I have1 week left of my pack so im continuing to take my pills like normal. My issue is that through that whole week i have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Im worried that i can be pregnant. What are the chances that i could be pregnant.?
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You could get pregnant, the pill meeds to be taken every day at the same time of day to be effective. Some people just don't do well with remembering to take their pill, I'm the same way and I'm an OB nurse so don't feel bad. You definitely need to go to the doctor to be tested and discuss other birth control options since the pill doesn't seem to be working out, maybe the patch or depo shot would be better for you. Best of luck.
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no you're not your having break through bleeding (happens when you miss pills) as long as you made up for them the next day you should be fine.
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Tthats not how you take the pill.. if you miss a dose and are having unprotected sex then your supposed to stop until you get your period... your screwing your self up..we can't tell you if your pregnant.. this is also the WRONG forum... you need to grow up and be responsible with your pill!! Go to a doctor and get them to test you and if your not get them to explain how to deal with the pill.
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And no you wont be fine, your pill is design to be taken regularly. . If your go over the time limit you can get pregnant..
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I read what she wrote wrong.... You should go to the doctor have them test you and ask them about a different type of bc. Obviously you're not responsible enough to take your pills when you should.
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