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I'm 47, have three children oldest 28, middle 26, and my daughter turned 25 today! No MC's, and tubal ligation at 23.
I've been married to my 2nd husband since I was 30 years old. We never even had a pregnancy scare, and raised his son now 22, and my three and all was well. I had no reason to use protection (my tubes were toast)?
I have 2 grand daughters, I'm a nurse so in my off time my life has been devoted to helping my with the new additions to the clan as much as possible.
Last September I started having issues with weird periods, feeling ill, getting sick for geez three months but being a nurse my symptoms were totally plausible to pre or perimenopause.
As the months have passed and I've tried to control symptoms like nausea, fatigue, being exhausted all the time, and this weight gain, and moodiness/ crying (all things that never effected me in any of my pregnancies in the past), I started feeling movement in my overgrown abdomen? Chalked that off to gas, and IBS ALSO diverticulitis runs in my family.
Well......... I kept finding reasons for my symptoms and did nothing about it and just went on with the day to day.
In a panic finally when this movement in my abdomen moved up and into my ribs, being so uncomfortable I thought this feels like being pregnant? I know right at 47! Well after no prenatal care whatsoever taking two pregnancy tests (-), not taking a third, guess where I'm going tomorrow? I'm almost 48 years old in July and I think I'm about to deliver a baby! The signs looking back were there, but how could it be? My husband is in shock. My children will be mortified and my mother is in shock so bad she is in denial and can hardly speak to me. I'm thinking about adoption, but I'm a 3 peat section, I socially drank beer so, who is going to want to adopt a possible high risk little baby that may come with issues. I'm so distraught about worry for a baby I don't know yet, and the way my family feels (well except my husband's growing excitement regardless of issues) I've been left with the constant headache and anxiety of what to do. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN - note: I had a tubal ligation at 23, so with no scares how would I have ever had the need to worry. Has this happened to anyone else and what was the outcome of your situation. Family, do they come around? Despite all you do for them, are you forever damned - I'm totally scared to death.
Thanks for reading.  
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My mother in law had her sixth, a surprise, when she was 40; I understand it's a bit different. I hope this baby is healthy & you can find a way to love it. I think everything happens for a reason..I'm currently pregnant with a surprise baby, not excited at all but I'll deal with it as it comes. I wish you luck & if you decide adoption, I'm sure you'll find a wonderful family who will love the baby.
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They come around.  This might be the best thing that has ever happened to you.
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I would also say, of course there will be many people who will want to adopt a possible high-risk little baby.  You are worried about Downs and the beer, right?  The beer probably did nothing.  Think of all the generations (before the last one) where women drank during their pregnancies!  And as for Downs, well, either it is there or it is not.  And you will carry on if it is, it will not be too much of a load for you, and the odds are still in your favor that it is not.  

I'm someone who has fought infertility all my reproductive life, and had a miracle baby by donor egg but then no further could we get.  We have spent at least a hundred thousand dollars and a lot of grief, tears, and hassle, trying to get to a sibling for our son.  We are considered too old to adopt.  If I were to find I was pregnant with a surprise baby, I would be overjoyed.  I think you have been given a gift.

I do believe things happen because they are supposed to happen.  Take heart, it will be all right.

Write back after tomorrow!


JTS22, I agree with Annie, a little beer never hurt anyone. I had a friend who drank like a fish. We all tried to tell her it could affect her baby.  Back then 30 years ago the doctors were saying the baby could be smaller and that was about it.  We didn't know about fetal alcohol syndrome.  Before I found out I was pregnant I drank a bit on the weekends, perhaps even partied.  I was terrified, my baby came out fine.
Good luck, please let us know how it goes.
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First thought I had was congratulations!  A baby! I am excited and thrilled for  you.  I am 59 and if I could have a baby I sure would do it in a heartbeat LOL
My sister who is 54 just found out that she is still fertile and actually "dropped" two eggs last month.
I also believe everything happens for a reason, to teach us, to teach others, or just a happy surprise
Try to be happy, baby coming! :)
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