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Am I pregnant??

Hi guys(:
Well I need some help! && opinions please.
-okay you see usually I start on the 6th or 7th.. Well it's now the 9th so I'm 3 to 4 days late, I have cramps here there that feel like period cramping ,, but no period yet to come! I also have the sore nipples && breast. No getting sick yet though,, ALTHOUGH !! I feel like this lump in the back of my throat like I want to get sick but I absolutly HATE throwing up lol. Also when I get up sometimes ,, I feel a lil dizzy && sometimes everything goes black for a min. And for the past two days I've had an odorless diacharch too ,, kinda like whitish//cleaarish color. And its a slight discomfort now when I lay on my stomach ,, and when I put my elastic waist shorts it's kinda tight so it's also a slight discomfort
Please && thank you (:
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if your late i would take a pregnancy test to be sure
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Don't rely on symptoms alone.  I'm assuming that you are sexually active since you think that you are pregnant - but know that many things can cause things like this to happen at 16.  Stress, diet change, weight change, sexually transmitted disease, season change, growing, being sick, etc.  Your body is changing constantly and probably won't be normal until you're well into your 20's.  The longer you stress about it, the worse it will probably get.  I agree with Chreey, that you should take a pregnancy test to be sure.  Since you are technically considered late, it should show up by now.
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Take a pregnancy test, you cant go on the symptoms alone, sometimes sore breast and nipples means you will start soon as well, I agree with Sheaby this could be normal or just stress or your diet
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Chreey ima do that tomorrow because today I had light light blood and that's all once .

Sheaby first off I have no STD so no need to bring that up.

But yup ima take it 2mro and I'll let u guys know
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How are you so sure you have no STD's if your obviously having unprotected sex if you think you are pregnant?  Have you been tested for STD's?

And I dont think she was saying that you have an STD she was just giving you, from reading her comment, some very good advice.
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Why are getting so worked up?  I'm not saying you have an STD.  I am saying that she gave you some really good advice and you shouldn't be so quick to write off any aspect of it.

If you are having unprotected sex, I'm not sure if you are trying to conceive or not but if your not using protection and your aware this can get you pregnant. If you want to do things that adults do, GROW UP and start acting like one. Having a child is a big deal and its a commitment of 18+ years.

And if people are giving you their time to give you advice you shouldn't be so rude to them!  
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Not being rude .
And actually we are and I'm aware of the responsabilitys that come along and the commitment . Don't tall me to grow up bc I'm mature I just don't appreciate when ppl say some things okay ? .
Now thanks .
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did you test?
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No ma'am,
This is what's happening now .. Okay so yesterday around like...hmm 4ish I went to the restroom when I wiped a light light pink discharge came and that was the only time till about 5:30 this morning I work up , had to go potty, I seen some blood and felt sick. I'm bleeding but NOTHING like my regular periods I'm a havy bleeder && I get clots a lot well right now it's light && clot free but as I was saying this morning I threw up... So I'm pretty confused
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Maturity means using proper precaution to avoid an undesired situation. You're 16, and I highly doubt you're in ANY situation to parent and care for a child. That to outsiders shows immaturity and irresponsibility. No one is accusing you of anything, and a chance of STD is a risk ANY couple will have. You don't know if your partners been faithful or not, and he has no reason to tell you the truth. Don't assume anything without proper testing.

As for if you're pregnant, only way you're going to know is to test. We can speculate all day but it won't get you far. Symptoms mean NOTHING in terms of pregnancy. All can be caused by a multitude of things, and pregnancy is only a small one.
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Okay look guys seriously drop the maturity thing alright.
Yes I'm sixteen about to be 17 okay does that matter on what you guys think about me? No! You don't know me personally living the lifestyle I have you have to grow up fast so leave it at that ! Dang . . .
And yes I do know bc we live together ,, but yes I still see the factor that something could happen even though neither one of us are fooling around.
And yea I just called a nurse an she gave me her opinion WITHOUT JUDGING ME and I greatly appreciated that.
So everyone who wants to sit here and try to dog on me stop..you're wasting your time only person I have respect for so far is Chreey the rest of you have been judgmental and disrepectful to me so why should I show any respect back...
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Nice way to stick up for yourself. What did the nurse have to say? One of the main reasons why im not jugemental is because i at 16 years old got preggo with my child. So i know where your coming from. I don't recoment at 16 having a child. It is a very rough road. And the chances are slim that a relationship can last with the ups and downs of having a child that young let alone just dealing with everyday life and issues. And money struggles. It is very difficult to deal with not saying that it can't be done. I am still with the father and we have been together for 14 years. But it is rare. But overall its your choice in what you do and your the one that has to live with it. And not others peoples place to judge.
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Thank you sooo much! At least you know where I'm coming from . .
Okay well the nurse said that yes sometimes girls can bleed while pregnant and well mow my bleeding has stopped completely ..just spotting now,, and I told her how I'm feeling and all that,, and she told me to take a hpt as soon as I can and if it comes out negative that doesn't mean I'm not that I should go to the doctor as well. So I'm going to go to this place where I know they test you for free.
-yea that's one thing that keeps running thru my head the money. Yes I know finacialy it's going to be hard but we have money saved up and we both work so I know we will be okay for a good while, and I don't want to be dependent on other ppl so I know we will. And yessssssss very rare but I have faith, both of my sisters are still with their guys since 14 and now 20 something with kids lol just bc they did it doesn't mean I will but I have a strong feeling we will(:
And yea that's why it's just p.ssing me off that ppl are getting here saying other things ,, when I never once asked for them to preach to me just to give me opions I would have like to have known other ppls symptoms and if they went through what I'm going through.
So again Thank You Chreey (:
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Glad i can be of help. As far as symptoms go they are different for everyone. i didn't starting having morning sickness with my kids until i was around 8-10 wks along. And around the same time i had cramping like my period was going to come. The white oderless discharge could be normal could be just cervical fluid. And as far as weight gain i didn't gain weight until i was about 4-5 mos along. But for people who are very thin they may start to get a baby bump a little sooner. Let me know what your results are. And most hospitals will test ya for free as long as you buy the test. And then they will write you out a paper stating that you are preggo and your expected due date. And you can use that for medicaid purposes if you were trying for that or you could take it to your doctor.
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Oh wow well I'm pretty Pettit so maybe that's why I'm experiencing it all sooner,? Idk but thank you && yes I'll be sure to let you know (:
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Body size has nothing to do with symptoms. I'm small (as in 100 pounds small right now) and only got fatigue, hyperemesis and sore breasts. You don't need symptoms to be pregnant. It's a reaction to how your body tolerates the hormones. You also won't show a baby "bump" until at least 13 weeks. This is because the uterus hasn't risen above the pelvis yet.

I don't care if you respect me or not. Same as I doubt you care what I think of you. You also need to remember. This is a public forum. Should others give their opinions? No. Will they? Yes. It's in a hope to spare an innocent child a hard life that could have otherwise been prevented if the parents in question had been more responsible. The reason people "preach" as you put is, is because they actually know what they're talking about. You might have grown up fast, but that doesn't make you mature and it doesn't mean you're ready for children. I grew up fast too. I was raped and beaten for 15 years. It means nothing. So many young people think they're that magical exception to the rest, and that what they have is special. Most don't get that harsh wake-up call until 5 years down the road they have no money, they're single and they have a child or 2 (or more) and they can't pay their bills. Do exceptions actually happen? Every day. It doesn't mean they don't struggle and have tons of problems in the process.
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Haha okay

Well I know my baby won't have a hard life bc the father && I will do anything to make this baby's life better than the ones we had so just quit with your "words of advice" bc everything you're saying I know
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I know you're trying to make yourself sound mature and like you can, but you're really not. You're doing the opposite. You don't know anything about the future and what you can and can't do. No one does. Once again, you'll do what you want but know that you WILL struggle in the process. I've not met a single teenage mother who hasn't.
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I guess I should also note----You said you needed help and opinions. I'm sorry that they're not the ones you wanted.
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Okay ,, I never said I wasn't gonna struggle. Now did I??
No I said I know it's gonna be hard BUT we will still do anything to make sure our baby has a better life.
Yes I got on here asking for opinions,,
Opinions on if you guys may think I'm preg. Or not.
NOT on if you think I'm gonna struggle ,, NOT on if you think I'm mature.
NOT ONCE did in ask for that!!
So yea you are sorry right? Bc you gave me opinions on a whole other topic through half these post.
And I'm not trying to make myself sound like anything ... It's you talking down on me ,, which is making me mad bc you dont know me,, and looks pretty d.mb bc you're still arguing with me .. When really we both made our points .
So really I don't need your help ma'am . So please Sontag bother posting back.
Thank you
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No, I'm not sorry. But fine. I'll say exactly what you asked for. You MIGHT be pregnant. It doesn't sound like you could be or not based on symptoms. They mean nothing in terms of pregnancy. Everything you've described can be due to it, but it also could be because you sound like you want to be. Have you tested at all? Or seen a doctor? You said you talked to a nurse, but that really won't help.
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No I'm testing tomorrow morning
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Make sure to use a pink dye test (first response is the best on the market) as well. Blue dye are good at giving false positives and evap lines. It might also be good to buy them in packs of 2+ encase it's negative. However if you feel IS pregnancy then the test should be accurate.
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Okay thank you I'll be sure to do that
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