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Am I pregnant?

Last full period was April 16-21 what I thought was a period happened May 15-18 (only 3 days) went from heavy (no cramps or clots) (filling 3 pads in 2hrs) (on 15th) to light pink (on the 15th at night) to brownish colour (16th-17th) to pink & clear colour (18th) & then absolutely nothing. Usually my period last 5-7 days never (never) has it gone off before time. I have 3 kids and this the first I've seen this.. now before I noticed the blood I noticed my nipples are darker and has spread & are tender to touch, feels heavy at times. also now im gassy lower back pain and just feel like I don't have any energy at all.. is it possible to be pregnant or am I tricking myself? I've been trying really hard not to think about it or even speak to my husband about it because we've been trying and he's getting impatient thinking we cant have anymore lol and I'm a little sceptical because I'm tired of peeing on a stick and it's negative so we haven't tested yet. Fingers crossed. We want one more.
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Well, the bad news is that our periods and hormones go through changes as we get older.  Really, what my period is today is nothing like it was in my 20's, 30's and beyond.  Your period will shift, hormones shift, duration of days shift and that is all normal and part of the process of our body changing as everyone's does.  But . . . with that being said, who knows.  You've had 3 other kids and know your body. Weird periods are often a way of knowing you may be in early pregnancy.  You can get a positive 2.5 weeks after the last unprotected sex.  Don't test before then if you are a frequent tester.  I was on the TTC roller coaster for 4 years at one point.  Whew, that's exhausting.  Fun, but exhausting.  Fun in that every month you are high that 'maybe' you are and then the not so fun part of low when you get a negative and know you have to go through another cycle.  

One thing I did that really REALLY helped me know what was going on was temp check.  I had a simple digital mouth thermometer that I kept by my bed.  I took my temp every morning and wrote it down.  It took very little time to see the natural pattern of the temp being at a certain spot on day one of my cycle and then slowly rising about  a degree higher around ovulation time.  Then it stays high until you are about to start your period again. Unless, your pregnant and then it never goes back down.  I knew if my period was coming every time with this. The two times it did not drop back down were my two sons.  :))  It's biological so an undeniable way to know what your body is doing.  So, give that a try.  Within a couple of months, you will see your own pattern of temps and be able to watch this and have some 'inside' knowledge while TTC.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.  I'm happy to chat any time!
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