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Am I pregnant?

My boyfriend and I decided to have sex for the first time tonight. He wore a condom but it broke towards the end but he didn’t ***. But today’s my day of ovulation. What’s the chances of me being pregnant?
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Darn the luck, man!  First time sex and you had a condom break!!  It doesn't happen all that frequently but unfortunately, once it does, you've been compromised in terms of safety.  Glad he hadn't ejaculated yet so we are just talking pre ejaculate which is less likely to get you pregnant.  I think it is a chance but very small and would not really worry much.  You can take a test if your period doesn't show but it should show.  Let us know!
thank you so much!!
I’m also going to take plan b, will that lower the chances?
Yes, plan B WILL lower the chances.  It as to be taken within 72 hours to work.  AND, it will mess up your hormones for 2 to 3 months after so don't be surprised or panic over it.  You can have irregular bleeding with spotting and then an absence of period for a while.  goodluck
hey i’m back again! so last time i got my period :). but the condom broke AGAIN but on the last stoke and my bf didn’t *** inside me and i’m 7 days before ovulation, chances?
Ugh, You are having bad condom luck! Maybe the pill would be a better option for you.  Again, we never really know when we will exactly ovulate and when we 'think' we will ovulate is a best guess.  But if it is indeed 7 days prior, then yes, you've got another chance of getting pregnant as sperm lives up to a week.  However, if you just took plan b less than a month ago, you are likely very irregular with ovulating.  Plan B's hormones can cause you to be very off with ovulation and periods. You will have no idea when you ovulate as it will likely not be your usual pattern for 3 months after taking plan B.  With the condom on and only bursting at the end and without ejaculation, I doubt you would get pregnant from that.  But . .  there are no guarantees.  
i’m also about to take birth control tommrow, will that stop ovulation?
It will stop your NEXT ovulation but not if you already ovulated (as in taking it now will not stop conception). Tell your doctor when there tomorrow that you had a condom break and the circumstances . . .   they may have insight for you.  You may need to wait until you are sure you aren't pregnant (which I don't think you are but again, no guarantees).
i am like 90% sure i didn’t ovulate because my period tracker says 3 more days till ovulation so if that’s correct, will it stop that ovulation? sorry i’m confused
and possible the conreception?
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Ovulation trackers are a best guess at most.  They aren't measuring hormones to really 'know'.  No,  this is not how the pill works.  You can't take it after you have had unprotected sex 3 days prior to when you might ovulate. It has to be on board when you have the unprotected sex.  But again, this sounds like a very slim chance of conceiving.  Really.  
okay good:)
lol another question.. if he peed after his last ejaculation, does that mean there’s no sperm in the pre *** ?
nope, that's a myth.  Peeing doesn't do anything.  :>)
so the sex i was talking about was a day after my period &&& i just bled a little like barely enough to cover my finger. i thought i wasn’t infertile after my period and hopefully there isn’t *** in his pre ***. i’m freaking out, please help!
plus since i took plan b shouldn’t my ovulation for my second cycle be late so my period be late
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plus since i took plan b shouldn’t my ovulation for my second cycle be late so my period be late
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I say this with empathy but you really need to calm down.  You took plan B.  Your period will now be irregular for 2 to 3 months.   We can not possibly know if you actually conceived in the slim chance you had to do so.  All you can do is take a pregnancy test at 2.5 weeks after the condom break. And if it were me, as this is clearly causing you great anxiety, I would cease having sex!  It's too much emotionally for you.  

Expect a negative test but 2.5 weeks from when the sex happened, take a home pregnancy test.  good luck
yes i am getting great anxiety! thanks so much, i was just stressed when i bled a lil but i’m guessing that’s from plan b
i am getting birth control when my next period comes:)
so the bleeding is prob just from plan b??
I'm pretty sure you've over asked this question at this point.  :>) Yes.  
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So, any time your anxiety is reeling out of control again, please read my advice that it is likely Plan B and you can test 2.5 weeks after the condom broke.  There is nothing more to add until then.  Really.
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