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Am I pregnant? Please help!!!!!

The past four weeks my breasts have been very tender/sore and there is a large "ball" like thing in the same spot on both breasts. I've been tired, moody and had headaches along with cramps and a rash within those weeks, I took a pregnancy test On the 22nd, 5 days before I should have my period and it said negative. My breasts are still very sore plus they've been hot/cold and tingly every now and then. I'm still having cramps and hot flashes and I've been smelling everything SO clearly, plus having a few cravings and neck pain. I started my period i think, the first day i was lightly bleeding and only noticeable when i whipped, then later on had white/cloudy discharge that was very stretchy/stringy that had a small amount of brown/red in it.. the second day i was bleeding like crazy non stop, and now today I'm in the middle (third day on my period) i've had a huge headache since yesterday morning, last night i was so nauseous i almost threw up. I talked with one girl who's atm pregnant, and another who's baby is a month old and explained how I'm feeling and they both believe i am pregnant.  Am I pregnant? Should I take another test? schedule an appointment with my doctor for blood to be tested long with my urine instead? I don't want to continue taking my birth control after the last of this pack (the last couple are sugar pills i think) if i am pregnant, i know it can hurt the baby. but if i'm not, i don't want to stop just to be sure and then have to get my period back on track later on cause it's such a pain. help!!!!

(I've been taking birth control for a year but was recently put on antibiotics & around that time had sex with my boyfriend)
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You should definatelytake another pregnancy test, it could be that you are but then again it can be your birth control pills that are affecting you. Thats happened to me before, i had the worst headaches and cramps and stomachache, i had 3 periods in a month and it was the pills affecting me
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I've been taking birth control for over a year though and this has never happened. I was put on antibiotics for a week at the beggining of the month and had sex during that time. I have almost every symptom and they haven't gone away since my "period" started three days ago. Should I take another test next week? Or just schedule a doctors appointment to get blood drawn? Could my birth control in my urine cause the test to come up negative?
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