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Am I pregnant?!

Right ladies, im having abit of a dilemma myself....

Im currently on the pill (microgynon) and have been for the last 16 months and i havent exactly been an angel with it, missing the odd pill here and there.

Since Ive been on the pill Ive always come on my period within my week break but last month that didnt happen....

I took 2 clear blue pregnancy tests within one week as I was coming up to 3weeks late and both came back negative and then a couple of days after that I had some light bleeding which I thought was the start of my period but it was VERY light, literally spotting for 2 days and brown discharge.

I dont feel pregnant but I have been feeling nautious and bloated and thats about it!

I dont want to keep thinking Im pregnant cos it could be anything,

If anyone could give me some advice if would be much appreciated!

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