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Am I pregnant?

Hello. A couple of weeks ago I had sex with my boyfriend when I was approaching the end of my period. We had not seen each other in a few months, due to circumstance, and well, you know.

For the past week now, my nipples have felt sore, breasts seem more full. I get small bouts of fatigue and I lay down and nap for an hour or so daily. I occasionally get lower back pains and I constantly feel hungry. Seriously I eat and 2 hours later or less I feel famished again. The most alarming thing though is I get dizzy and feel nauseous at random. Sometimes the nausea and dizziness go hand-in-hand with my hunger. Sometimes it gets really bad, to such a point that I feel like I could vomit and on one occasion I actually did throw up a little bit, right after dinner. Is it possible that I am pregnant? I really feel awkward asking like this and I have frankly considered just getting a pregnancy test to see, but I had a couple of scares like this before and on both accounts it turned out to be nothing and I really do not want to overreact this time and waste more money because I read too deeply into my symptoms. But this time it's really worrying me, because I didn't have symptoms like this the last time. I guess you could say I am seeking consultation on here, to decide if whether or not I really should be looking into getting a test.
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