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Am I pregnant??

Wondering if anyone can help... I'm so confused!

I had my last period 19 Aug, and had unprotected intercourse 27 Aug. I was due again 16th Sept but am now 4 days late.

I had cramping and lower back pain a week after intercourse and also he spotting for around 5 days on and off during this week. I have had cramps and lower back pain on and off since and have nausea everyday some days vomiting.

Me sense of smell seems more sensitive and my breasts have gotten bigger and feel heavier although not yet hurting.

I have taken many pregnancy tests in the last couple of weeks even gone to the dr but all been negative. Yesterday evening I did one which looked as though could of had a very FAINT positive line.

I am not sure if I am pregnant, have been pregnant twice which were both identified very early on at around 2 weeks.

Am I testing to early?? Or am I just over thinking??

Someone help!!

Thank you
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