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Am i pregnant? Need opinions quick. i feel like i could be far along!

So ill start off with i have irregular periods but i usually have them every 3 months and my obgyn said that is fine and its okay for it to happen like that. i have been with my boyfriend now for a year and have never once used a condom so if i am pregnant i wont be surprised. but i am planning on going to the ER today but just was wanting to get opinions first because i feel like im going crazy. I havent had a period since september 14th 2015, which was the start of my period. about the end of october early november ive been telling my boyfriend that while we have been having intercourse sometime i felt like he was hitting a wall and it was slightly painful. ive put it off not thinking of anything and not having a period is normal for me. but recently ive been having really bad pains in my ribs under my boobs and getting really short of breath and getting really dizzy and noticed that its been over my normal 3 month routine. my stomach is really hard and i feel like has grown in the little over a week this has been going on. can someone please give me there opinion?? im going to the hospital soon just wanting opinions
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Idk what area u r in but dollar tree has test for a buck n Walmart has test for 88cents do u have a walk in clinic in ur area?
im in columbus and just recently moved here. i dont have any money right now. and with the shortness of breath and ribs hurting for over a week now i feel like i just need to go to the hospital. and today is the first day im feeling anything in my lower stomach and its like little pains for a few seconds in different places.
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Yea e.r would be good. Tell them u have irregular periods if u test positive they may do a ultrasound or a transvaginal one n maybe be able to tell u how far u r
i honestly would hope so i dont want them just to tell me i am and not tell me how far along i am. but all this does sound like pregnancy? its just wierd because i didnt feel sick or any of that. ive just had a couple of symptoms until now. i cant even get comfortable any way i sit.
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Only thing I felt in beginning was sore boobs n smoking made me sick. In ur case I would say its very possible.
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