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Blood test negative but gestational sac found or is it a cyst?

i had a tubal 13 years ago and a ablation 4 years ago.  After ablation i stopped all periods and spotting all together.  Within the last 6 months i have been having regular spotting during my "periods'.  I went to the doctor yesterday for cramping in my ovary and was told to have a vaginal sono done.  They did so and found what they say is a gestational sac.  They said i was approx 5 weeks but wasn't sure on baby or no baby in sac.  I requested a blood pregnancy test because the urine one they did came back negative. The blood test showed negative as well.  So then the radiologist said well it could possibly be a cyst in your uterus.  Not sure what to think.  The dr said to wait a couple more weeks and do another sono and live the next couple weeks as if i was pregnant.  That is kind of hard to do when you only think of the negatives now.  I never considered pregnancy when i was experiencing sleepiness, lower back pains, and naseousness.  So who knows.  I know god performs miracles but don't understand how the radiologist which sees these things daily couldn't determine one way or the other...
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If it is a gestation sac and you're only 5 weeks then it's you don't ever really see much, because it's too early. That;s why they've asked you to wait and have a repeat ultrasound done to see if anything has developed/changed, so they're right by telling you live as if you are pregnant. All you need to do is eat healthier, not drinking or smoking and maybe take folic acid just to be safe.

They're probably saying it could be a cyst because it could look similar and because you've had your tubes tied.
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Are you a doctor?  We pray it is in fact a pregnancy because it would indeed be a miracle. Just confused why blood results showed nothing as well
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This isn't a doctor's forum, we just do our best to answer each others questions. I agree with kitkat1306, 5 weeks is pretty early so the doctors don't want to give a concrete answer yet and that's probably why they are having you wait a couple of weeks. My doctor's office won't even give the first dating ultrasound until 7 weeks because many women don't show much until at least 6 weeks. As for the negative blood test, it's possible that either you were pregnant but had a missed miscarriage (where the body hasn't passed it yet) or that your hCG levels are rising slower than normal. They may have suggested a cyst because you've had your tubes tied and it makes pregnancy unlikely (but not impossible); cyst can also mimic pregnancy symptoms. Best of Luck!
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