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Brown discharge, instead of period? Is this a sign of early pregnancy?

I'll lead you with some background information.
During the months of June and July I had unprotected sex, about 4 or 5 times. Ending towards the middle of July. In August, I had one incident, about a week ago, where the guy did not ***. We didn't really finish having sex, because I stopped it so it only last a few min.
On July 25th I got my period. It started off really light and light pink for about 2 days then finished off regular. Since I had some pregnancy symptoms (tender breasts, fatigue, mood swings, cramping, frequent urination) I took 2 tests, after my period just for some peace of mind.
They both came out negative, so I didn't think much about that anymore.
I continued having cramps though the rest of the time, still am now. They feel like menstrual cramps and they come and go, and sometimes I'll get like shooting pains in my groin, when I stand up fast or something like that. They don't stay long enough to hurt.
I expected my period yesterday (Im on a 25 day cycle) and it still hasn't come.
Last night at work, I felt cramps. Like period cramps. I expected my period had come.
I went to the bathroom and when I wiped I noticed a brown discharge. I thought it was the beginning of my period so I lined my underwear with tissues (I didnt have pads or tamps). I went to the bathroom every hour or so to check things out and each time I saw nothing on the tissues, I wiped and after the first hour there was nothing there. There was no need for the tissues.
I took them out and still no period. No brown discharge either.
I'm having weird symptoms like the cramps, lower back pain, and a headache that hasn't gone for 2 days (I get migraines often though). I also, have very sensitive nipples and feel bloated for some reason.
My question is should I re-test? I mean the last tests I did were negative, so could they have been wrong?
Is brown discharge instead of a period, a sign of early pregnancy?
It could have been brown spotting, but it was really only there when I wiped and only lasted a half hour or so..
It can't be implantation bleeding because that comes before a period, and this is around the time I would expect my period.
Any advice appreciated, thanks.

Btw, some extra details. I'm 20, and I'm usually very regular.
There was no smell or pain with the discharge.
Also, experienced some random nausea this morning before work. Just dry heaved a couple times.

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some woman can have spotting throughout their first trimester... so it doesnt mean ur not pregnany cuz the discharge came after your period i would re test with clear blue! sometimes the pregnancy tests with the lines come out to faint and you dont notice the second line on the test!
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Go a head and test! See what happens!
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I dont remember the exact day I started my period last month but I do know for sure that I was on my period on Dec. 24th and 25th. I thought I would have started my period by now but instead I have had very little brown discharge when I wipe only when I wipe for three days. it never takes me this long to start my period. What is going on?
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Here's a link that might help! I'm having a similar problem.
Hope this gives you somewhat of an ease at mind!
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Hi all I am having the exact same problem. I am having the horrible brown discharge, which only seems to appear when it should be my period, my last period was from the 25th of July to 30th July, at first it was normal but then the brown goo started, then I didn't have a period in August round the same time and have only started yesterday 7th September with the brown goo and no normal period, I did a preg test in august which came back negative, but am experiencing fatigue and nausea I am really confused with this whole lot as I am not sure whether or not I am pregnant could some one give me some feed back?
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Alright so last April 2010 I went on the shot, well only for the first 3 months then I had periods/brown discharge the whole 3 months then I was supposed to go get my second shot but didn't. still I had brown discharge 3 months after that on and off. Finally back in September I went to the doctors and explained to them, they prescribed me with bc pills for 3 weeks to have a regular period again. I did as told and after 3 weeks I finally received a red period again but I think that was due to my bc. Anyway, every month after that,until today January 19 2011 time
Im supposed to have my period I just get brown discharge for a few days. That has been happening for 3 months and every pregnancy test I ever take comes out negative. what can this be?
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