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Brown spotting and light bleeding not sure if it is my period or am I pregnant

I was scheduled to get my period on July 22 or 23.  on those 23rd I assumed I was getting my period because I start out with a brown discharge.  But the that discharge is still here.  When I wipe after going to bathroom sometimes the discharge is light on toilet tissue and sometimes I will get very light blood.  I still have this discharge and I know if it was to be my period it should be over by now.  Could I be pregnant.  I took a pregnancy test last Monday and it came back negative but I don't have no signs of being pregnant either.  Should I want til it stops and hope for a period next month, take a pregnancy test, or go to the doctor.  This has never happened before.  I don't know what this is.  Hope someone can tell me.
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I am experiencing the same issue you are, and on almost the exact same dates.  I got two negative hpt's last week and then called the nurse at my dr. office on Friday to see what she recommended.  She said to wait 1 week and if I still had no period to take another test.  If that was still negative, then wait another week.  If it came time for my next period, and it didn't show, and I was still getting negative hpt's then come in to the doc.  The part that surprised me was that she said "even though those tests say they're accurate, sometimes you just don't have enough hormone in your system to show up".  I said "yeah, but really, how often do you see that happen?"  She said "Actually, I've seen it quite a bit".  But she also explained that sometimes, even if you're a very on-schedule person, sometimes for no reason you just simply miss a period or you have a strange period.
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Periods can vary in length and flow.  It sounds like a period.
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Let me clarify that a little more:
The nurse said that even though those tests say they're accurate to use on the day your miss your period, or even before, if you had implantation late in your cycle then there might not be enough hormone in your system yet.  So that's why she recommeneded waiting 1-2 weeks and taking another test if I still don't have my period.
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Well I am pushing on 3 weeks of this so called period if that is what it is. when I use bathroom it is no longer brown when I wipe it is blood this started about wednesday or thursday....but when I where my pad it is only brown spotting.  I don't know what is going on with me.  Should I just ride this one out of go see doctor immediately.  And will a doctore see a female with them on a period.  Not sure if it is even my period.  Husband and I are trying to concieve but looks like this so called is taking its toll on me if it is actually a period.  Someone please help me.
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Well I finally started my period.  It started out with 2-3 days of the brownish stuff that you are describing, then it came with a vengence.  

If you are 3 weeks past your period due date, and still have negative hpt's, then I would try to just ride this one out.  If you aren't too busy and are impatient, then you could go to the doctor.  Tell them exactly what you told us and that you are actively TTC.  Because you are TTC, the doc should not have any argument against ordering bloodwork to check your hcg levels... then you would know 100%.  

The fact that you have red blood is what makes me think you are having your period - even though it's a very abnormal period for you.

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My name is Holly. I am 20 years old. I am planning on going off the pill (i have been on it for 3 years now) in November. I hope to get pregnant right away so I can give the news to my in-laws and my parents as an xmas gift. Do people usually have problems conceiving the first few months they go off the pill? How does it work? I also want to lose weight before I have a baby. As it is I am not comfortable in my skin. If anyone has suggestions or would like to chat, please email me at butterfly_baybee2005***@**** I will respond to everyone!
Also, will you only conceive on certain days of the month? I can use as much information as I can
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