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Can a urine pregnancy test be positive and a blood test negative?#3

Firstly I had 2 positive urine tests, one was digital and the other regular, then I had the blood test which came back with HCG level 0 and now today, I did another urine digital and it came back positive.  What should I expect?

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Wow, thats odd.  I would suspect they mixed your pee up with someone else, or someone pregnant is peeing on your hpt's when you are not looking.  Really dont have advice, but good luck on whatever you want to be the outcome.
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That is strange. I would go back to the Dr. and ask them to give you another blood test. It;s possible that the lab made a mistake. I would also ask your Dr. to give you a urine test and see what that says.
Good luck!
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I think you should do another blood test, and ask you doctor what's going on if the blood test is still negative. Something might be wrong.
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Thank You.
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Ditto to what the others said.  Maybe there was a mix up.  

Did you also know that you can add your comments to the same post?  Just so you don't have to open up a new thread for each time you want to add to it.  

*note* Not trying to be harsh or critical.  Just wondering if she knew.
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Thats it!  You are done woman!  I am sick of you harrassing these poor women...lololololololol......
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I had a negative blood test on "day 8" after the egg would have implanted, and then a positive home (urine) based test on "day 11," which surprised me a lot because I thought that urine-based tests were SO much less sensitive that if I was pregs the only thing that would pick it up that early was a blood test.  Apparently what had happened was that the test on day 8 was just an nth degree too early (like, probably just hours) for hCG to be circulating in my blood yet, and by day 11 enough was there even for a urine test to pick up.  But this wouldn't have happened if I had taken both tests on the same day.  My suggestion, along with the other ladies, is to get a new blood test.
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I was in the hospital on Monday and had surgery for kidney stones. They did a standard urine test and it came up positive for pregnancy. However, the blood test done the same day came back negative. I don't feel pregnant at all, and I wasn't trying to get pregnant. In fact, I've had regular periods the past two months (supposed to start my next period tomorrow or Monday), and I'm on birth control. What do you girls think?
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OK I went to the MDs because I was having spotting on and off on and off the whole month oh August well turns out my urine test came back positive... however my blood test came back negative what do I do???
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It is my opinion and recent experience....YOU ARE PREGNANT!  Seriously, most of the posts admit that the urine test was taken after the blood test and it can take as little as an hour for your HCG levels to kick it up a notch from not pregnant to pregnant.  Urine tests are almost all 99% accurate and so.....most definitely, you are pregnant and instead of asking the question online, you should take to your doctor, your question and he/she will give the blood test/urine test and whatever other tests to get to the truth.  Goodluck to everyone for their own personal hopes.
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The same thing has just happened to me.  I ended up in hospital for something totally seperate and had to do a urine sample, which came back with a faint positive but still a positive, but they did a blood test a couple of hours later and it came back and they said we werent pregnant.  
But i ended up with morning sickness starting in the evening two days later.  I would be ablut 5 weeks.  I do have my period but it is really light and was a couple of days late.
What do you ladies think?
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I am going through a similar situation... Start getting sick and I am think ( and hoping) its just food poisoning because I don't want to have another baby right now.(my son just turned 1 on 7/28)  So after a about a week of this and then I get to where I can't eat certain foods. So i talk to my husband about it and he was like I think you are pregnant, and I am like NO! we have done EVERYTHING to prevent it. I was on the patch so I knew exactly when i was supposed to start. Well a few days before I'm supposed to start there was a light pink so i figured I was about to start and it  never came so I take some hpt ( i took 8) and all came back positive. So I make a dr appt and they do a urine test and it came back positive and then they call me the next day with the results of my blood work and that came back neg. They said that there were slight traces of hcg but not enough to give a positive yet. And i asked how could i have 9 positive urine ones and the blood test come back neg. and she said we are pretty sure you are pregnant so it is either you aren't as far along as you thought or from where you were stressing so much about being pregnant it can make your levels drop. So i am going the 13th for an ultrasound and i think more blood work. So after i get off with them I call my mom and tell her what the dr said and she said she went through the same things with me and asked if i had been cramping or anything and i said no and she said that i needed to go to the dr if i did start cramping just in case of a m/c.  

Anyone else have this or something like this happen to you?
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I did a couple hpts first was almost not a noticeable line and then got darker ....all  bfps. the line was getting darker, so i went and had blood work done in the morning. I received a call in a couple hours stating that the bloodwork came back negative. So, I went to the store and bought another pkg of hpts. I took one at 4pm (and although i was drinking a lot of water) got another bfp (same intensity if not darker than the previous day prior to the bloodwork. Am I pregnant? Am I not pregnant? Has anyone had this and ended up pregnant? I used first response 6 days sooner. Any advise or comments?
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I would love to know you if you were pregnant or not A little confused last period was on June 16 and I have a 32 day cycle, ovulated on the July 8th. One July 16th @ 2pm I took a Equate One Step Pregnancy test positive (faint line), 10pm I took a First Response Early Pregnancy Test got a positive (faint line), the 17th @ 5:30am got a positive (a little darker line). Went to the doctors yesterday their urine was negative they drew my blood, came home tested again at 3pm with a First Response Early Pregnancy Test.got a positive results (darker line than 5:30 that morning). I Was a little confused there got my blood test today the said it was less than 1 and, I wasn't pregnant got off the phone took a dollar store pregnancy test it was positive. They said they would retest me next Wednesday. Why am I getting all these positive and my blood test was less than 1? Could I still be pregnant and it is just to early for the blood test to pick it up?

*Tested first thing this morning and it was positive again
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All of you have posted Positive Urine Test and Negative blood test.  but not one of you has returned to let us know weather or not you ended up pregnant or not or what the results were?
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