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Could I be pregnant or is it something else?

My last period was the first week in December, I have not gotten a period since. My periods have never been regular. Sometimes I will get it the first week of the month, sometimes it’s the last week, regardless I always got it. It raises concern because it’s almost the end of January and I have not gotten it at all. I recently became sexually active again, this has been known to kinda mess with things. I believe I have ovarian cysts and whenever I have intercourse with my partner I feel pressure and pain and always have to switch positions. Often, after rigorous intercourse I tend to bleed. Well, around Christmas time my partner and I were switching condom brands due to irritation. We never have unprotected sex, but now we are worried maybe a brand we tried failed us. I ended up getting a UTI and was on antibiotics for that, but at the same time I was also bleeding from sex. This lasted around 2 weeks. I do not believe this was my period because there were no period symptoms accompanied with the bleeding. It wasn’t consistent enough. I’d bleed enough to cover a pad and then it would stop mid day sometimes and come back the next day. It finally stopped completely and once my UTI was completely gone and I was off of antibiotics for a week and some days I resumed sex. Since all of this still no period. I have been extremely bloated since the bleeding, I look to be about 6-7 months pregnant some days. My boobs are swollen and they hurt bad every single day. I have white sticky or sometimes clear discharge almost every day. Ive gained about 5-7 lbs since all of this but fluxuate because of the bloat. The bloat goes away overnight and by morning time I’m tiny again but as soon as I eat I’m a balloon again. other than that no symptoms of anything else. I took two pregnancy tests because at this point my cycle would be 28 days late. I took one a week or so ago and one this morning and both were negative. Could this all just be cyst related? I’ve heard cyst issues can mimic pregnancy symptoms and really mess with your body and cycle. This happens quite frequently after sex for us, my period is always super late and I become bloated as if I’m pregnant and we stress take a test and I eventually get my period afterwards. What could be causing this? Again, my partner and I never have unprotected sex but like I said we were switching condoms and maybe a brand we tried didn’t work? Any suggestions on what could be going on would be appreciated.
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Hi.  Well, a couple of things come to mind.  Being irregular is a pain, isn't it?  But, maybe you are not as irregular as you think.  Or just within a couple of days accuracy with each cycle --  I'd get a pregnancy app or use the MedHelp period tracker and start tracking your cycle.  (you can find access the tracker from your profile page.  Look at the top tool bar, it says *my medhelp*.  Click that and then click on profile.  In the upper right there is a place for trackers.  Hit add tracker.  This will help you see how many days your cycle is and if you have a pattern at all.  I had long cycles and felt irregular but once I tracked it, I was more regular than I thought.  

But, you have had a period since early December.  Long time.  Have you been diagnosed or even assessed for polycystic ovaries? That's a condition that makes you irregular as well as causes the other symptoms you mention.  You'll want to know this in case you ever want to have a baby so that you can take proper steps.  And you can treat it now if it is causing issues.  But in general, a single ovarian cyst can also cause problems like the pain during intercourse you describe.

And periods are late for a variety of reasons and gave examples of things in your life that could cause this.  Changes in routine, illness, stress, weight gain or loss can all cause us to be late.  As you've had two negative tests, I think you are just late.  

Make sure to pick a good birth control now that you are sexually active again to protect yourself.  good luck
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