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Could I be pregnant??

Sorry to be annoying and ask this again but... at the beginning of the month I asked this question
“Hello there! So basically, I am a virgin. About two days after my period ended, my boyfriend and I were fooling around and, naked, I ended up sitting on his penis. Now, I was on the shaft (mostly) and if the head touched the OUTSIDE of my vagina, it was only for a second. The penis was flat
And not angled towards my vagina upwards. We were only in this position for about a minute, however he was rubbing against me. He never entered me. He did not ejaculate at all, and he tells me he didn’t precum(although how can he really tell). I know that precum can contain sperm, but he didn’t ejaculate  that day because of travel. We did some oral, but he never ejaculation, I’m not sure how close he got though. Without ejacularjon, how likely would it be for him to have sperm in his precum? Even with oral prior? Anyway, like I said, he never entered me. Period wise, I have a history of being irregular however, for the past two months I’ve gotten it consistently. At this time, my period had ended two days prior (About). It was a pretty normal period, 7 days or so (maybe longer, I can’t recall how long it was until I officially stopped bleeding). Anyway, according to a tracker, I would start ovulation/being fertile about 2 days later. I don’t know how accurate this could be, considering I have been irregular, but on that day I did start getting white discharge, which is normal. However, there was a little brown color in some discharge (one time!!) and light cramping for the first day or so, which scares me. However, I doubt symptoms of pregnancy would show that fast anyway, so I think it was my mind playing tricks on me maybe. I have diagnosed ocd and my period won’t come until the end of August, and I know if the obsessive thoughts/ anxiety doesn’t tone down, I’ll miss the period simply because of stress. However, I don’t want to wait this long to see if I get it Does anyone think that, in my case, pregnancy is very likely? Thank you for any answers or help! It would greatly help ease my mind and maybe ensure that I get my period and not miss it.”

So anyway, it’s obviously the end of the month, and I missed my period. Or it’s late, but i doubt it. Now, I’ve been irregular since I first got it. However for the last two months I’ve been consistent which doesn’t mean I actually became regular or something. But I’m still noticing white discharge and some cramping right now. I had all PMS symptoms, bloating, acne, irritability, slightly tender breasts, constipation,  etc. But then I never got it, which again is something that used to happen all the time (PMs, no period.)
Any answers or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Again I’m so sorry for asking twice, just a bit nervous. Like I mentioned before, I have diagnosed ocd and anxiety and the thoughts won’t leave my mind...
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Please help.... should I take a test?
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Bluebird, it's hard to see how you could end up pregnant from this encounter. You would need to be closer to ovulation than you were, he would have needed to be closer to ejaculation. If he had ejaculated while you were sitting on him the story might be different.

Why don't you plan to run a pregnancy test on first morning pee some three weeks after the incident, if only to remove the stress in your mind.
But you don’t think it’s very likely? I’ve been so anxious and dizzy with stomach problems over this. My boyfriend however, is not too concerned. Then again, I guess it’d have the bigger impact on my body and the way people look at me. I know I should take a test but I’m so scared as to what it could say. I honestly just want to wait until next month, but I know I won’t grt it because of this anxiety. And that isn’t the safest thing either. I feel so stupid, and I know how unlikely it is. But my anxiety won’t let it go...
For heaven's sake run a test and banish the worry! It's annoying that PMS and early pregnancy signs have some overlap, but you are not talking weird cramps, nausea, dizzy, peeing, backache, emotions, fatigue and all that stuff. Since you are prone to worry you should be talking with him and/or your mom about proper birth control - these games go a little further each time. Maybe you can learn your "signs of ovulation" and track your cycle better that way.  It's worth remembering that your sex drive is highest close to ovulation, when sex is most risky and you are most likely to lose your self control.
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Peace of mind is everything, so go ahead and test. That being said, because there was no penetration or exchange of ejaculation, you are in the clear. Try to calm you worry and anxiety, as it seems they are exacerbating your symptoms. I wish you all the best!
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