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Could Ovarian Cysts cause the same symptoms as pregnancy?

If you haven't read my other questions, I thought I was pregnant.  I had 3 positive HPTs and about 5 negative HPTs. I went to the doctor and had a blood test done, the results were negative.. which IS very possible, and I also have family history of that happening. So it is still a possibility. I have an appointment on the 28th of September, that was the soonest I could get in because I had to get a new OBGYN.  But while I'm waiting I cant help but try and think of other things it could be. And Ovarian Cyst seem like it could also be the cause of my situation. I have symptoms like nausea, sleepiness, bloating, full feeling. or pressure in my lower abdomen. I have some minor pains, nothing severe its more like cramping, especially around the time I should be having a period. i have mood swings, food cravings, and an increased appetite, headaches, dizziness, leg cramps, heartburn, nasal congestion, nose bleeds, rib pain, i urinate very frequently and suddenly, indigestion, and...  One major thing Ive noticed is the cysts only irregulate  your periods.. mine have just simply disappeared.. I have not had a period sense May. its August 28, almost September.. I am working on 4 months period free.. I still have one month before I can be seen.. I will just keep taking the HPTs and see if I get another positive.. maybe if I do, my doctor will believe me and agree to an ultrasound..
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Cysts CAN actually stop periods completely, and some of ur symptoms can be caused by having cysts. However, ALL ur sypmtoms r related to pregnancy! I would say u were pregnant! But Im not a doctor, just a mum of 2 who has ovarian cysts! If u want a more informed decision I suggest posting ur question on the "PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome" there r lots of women who have had cysts for a lot longer than me and they give great advice. Good luck
I'm having some of the same sign that she was having I'm always in pain but I have an ovarian cysts on my right side but I went to the hospital and did a blood test and it came back negative they did an altar sound and it showed another cyst but I don't have any pain from on my left side
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Thank you soo much for the post! Any information is great, and it is nice to hear from someone who has already gone through it.. Did you have any problems with the cysts while you where pregnant? Do you have a story to tell? and I will post my question there as well.. thanks again hun! :)
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When looking at the PCOS forum dont read the pregnancy stories!! No one comes on here with good news, they look for answers to their problems!!
Have u actually been told u have cysts on ur ovaries, or is that something u've just looked into as a posibility to explain ur symptoms? food cravings, and an increased appetite, headaches, dizziness, leg cramps, heartburn, nasal congestion, nose bleeds, rib pain, and indigestion are NOT signs of cysts! With cysts u get a bloated feeling, but the pain, if any, is in ur pelvis! These r however, ALL signs of pregnancy!
I myself had no trouble at all with the cysts during pregnancy... if fact, I didn't know they were there!!! I've always had irregular periods, major cramps and extremly intense pain b4 and during periods (these are the main symptoms) I thought it was just normal for me! I've got 2 healthy children and it seems the extra hormones from my last pregnancy has affected my cysts and made them hurt!
I actually went to the doctors thinking I had complications from childbirth! The doctor was as shocked as me when seeing my cysts (normally make u infertile, which is another reason I don't really think u have cysts)
When I was pregnant I had really bad leg cramp, and was told it was my body saying I needed more calcium, so I started drinking lots of milk, and it eased it a bit!
I've never really heard of pregnancy tests showing positive and negative at seperate readings... when it's happened to ur family have they actually been pregnant, or have they also tested positive and not been pregnant? It's best to use a HPT the 1st time u go to toilet in the morning, and test it mid flow, not at the beginning. Hope this helps :)
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No I havent been told that I actually have cysts, it is just an idea because my mom had them, I dont really have pain in my PELVIS but i do get cramping in my lower abdomen and up higher to my ribs, i think the pains near my ribs is indigestion. but I never have irregular periods or major cramps or extremely intense pains..
So it is possible to still have children? maybe later on if it is cysts?
Yes I have had people have all negatives and a negative blood test and still be pregnant, its when your hormones are so high that it causes the tests to not read them, its called a hook test or something like that.. but yes that is when i have taken all of my tests and a do mid flow, but i also have tried going in a plastic cup then testing.. it dosent matter how i do that. its all the same..
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Yes it is possible to have children with no complications and have cysts... Im living proof of that! It only took me 2months to concieve 1st child, and concieved 1st attempt with my 2nd!
To be honest, ur symptons dont sound like cysts. If I was a doctor I would offer u a pelvic ultrasound as this would give a definate answer about u being pregnant... to me it sounds like u r! (But Im not a doctor!) If u weren't pregnant they could then do an internal ultrasound (trans-vaginal) to have a closer look at ovaries, but I dont think u need this, Ur mum had cysts so its more likely u will have them... but it doesn't mean u will! Something like 80% of women have some form of cysts, it only becomes a problem if there r lots of cysts, or if they're bigger than 2cm.
The pain u've described doesn't fit with cysts as they hurt in pelvis and not in the abdomin or under ribs! It seriously sounds like ur pregnant! I wanna say Congratulations, but u haven't said if u would be happy if u were or not.
Do ur boobs throb or tingle at the mo? or r they slightly sore? My boobs were throbbing, which confirmed to me that I was pregnant! x
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lol well to answer your question, yes I hope that your right I do want to be pregnant, and it is very possible, but I will try and not get my hopes up, because you arent a doctor, but at the same time, you know what its like to have cysts.. and from what you told me.. we don't seem to feel the same! So, that could be a very good thing for me! My boobs don't really hurt, but they are more sensitive, like I can feel everything that touches them 100 times better.. if that makes sense.. and they get very itchy sometimes.. i am not sure if that has anything to do with being pregnant or what.. but I have noticed that my nipples seem to be.. almost.. a brighter color.. they were very pale before all this started, and i can see more veins in my chest.. I'm not sure if all of those things mean anything.. but they are resent changes I've noticed...
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I had the same symptoms for the past four months, I had and ultrasound done and I was told I have a cyst on my right ovaries..  I haven't had a period in four months my pregnancy test come out negative and I get nausea dizziness back lower pain my tights hurt and breast are really sensitive.
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So, I have the Mirena IUD and i had unprotected sex. For the past month I havent been able to eat, anything i eat makes me sick to my stomach sometimes i even vomit. my sense of smell is absolutely ridiculous. certain foods or things cooking make my stomach turn. Ive had a little back pain, and little bit of discharge with a little blood, headaches, I cant ever sleep and i love to sleep. all in all my body just doesnt feel right. I took 2 HPT and they were negative along with a blood test. Could this be a cyst because of mirena or could i be pregnant? but just way to early to tell.
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Same symptoms as Sue1991, 3 HTPS came up negative. At hospital urien sample can negative , they took blood still nothing. Got a CAT scan & no mention of a baby YET I have pregnancy symptoms like nausea, sleepiness, bloating, full feeling. or pressure in my lower and upper abdomen. I have cramping, i have mood swings, food cravings, and an increased appetite, headaches, dizziness, soar nipples that if i squeeze produce MILK!! heartburn, nasal congestion, rib pain, i urinate very frequently and indigestion as well as excess saliva and excess vaginal discharge .. I really wanna have a baby so I hope this is what I've been waiting for!!
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I found out that I had cyst in my left overy 3months ago. The doc put me on a strict diet and also mediform pill 850 but told me to take half also medication to start period again I got period in October and it's been 8wks now and no period yet been feeling not myself lately I had miscarriage of twins 2yrs ago at 6wks and had 4more after that I suffer with irregular periods since the age of 19 could I be pregnant
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