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Could i have a cyst an be pregnant an the nurses just didn't see it?

Im 23 I have irregular periods an me n my husband have been ttc for a year now and i went to the hospital because I was having alot of pain n my lower left pelvic area for 3 weeks and they did a cat scan an a pelvic exam an said I had a ovarian cyst on my left ovary an that i havent been ovulating. An when I went to the hospital they did a urine an blood tests but they were both negative. They said that everything looked perfect with the pelvic exam. If I were pregnant it would of been to early to tell. my sister an my cousin had the same thing an they were pregnant an had cysts an they didn't no about it for a few weeks later. I had my period on August 24th till the 31st an then I started bleeding heavily again on September 15th for 5 more days. Idk why I started bleeding again early that's never happened before. Ive been only getting little pain now but its mostly gone but ive been getting little balls of blood when i wipe. And yesterday my husband said something was poking him an it hurt an i could feel it. I think it was my cervix. Im going to my gynecologist on monday the 26th to see if i have been ovulating an to see if the cysts is gone an so they can help me get pregnant. Its been over 4 weeks since my period an my chart said i was fertile then weve had sex more since then, an it says im fertile again now. Could I be pregnant? Ive been urinating alot, headaches, dizziness, extreme fatigue, nausea,sore boobs/nipple off n on,constipated,bloated feeling, kinda feeling just off not like myself. I'm  still getting pain in my left ovary but as of yesterday getting pain n the right ovary also. Twins is n my generation to have. I really hope I'm pregnant! Anyone have anything like this going on?
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I think you could be pregnant. I was in the exact situation as you before I found out I was pregnant. Doctors thought I had an ovarian cyst got negative blood test and pregnancy test. Then got positive blood test and pregnancy test when I was 3 weeks pregnant. I am now 38 weeks 2 days pregnant with a healthy baby girl. I think it could still be early. I wish you luck.
Omg I hope so me and my husband are so excited to start a family we've been trying for a long time and the nurses at the hospital said I'm not ovulating but they could b wrong. An they could b wrong about the cysts. Because I told them it would still be way too early. It's been almost 2 weeks since I went to the hospital and they told me it was a cyst so when should I take an at home pregnancy test? Or when should I go get blood done again
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Congratulations btw :) I want a baby girl an my hubby wants a boy lol I'll be happy with either though :)
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Sorry had a lot going on. Thanks hun. Did you find out if your pregnant? I had my baby girl on the 8th of October 2016
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