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Could i still be pregnant after 5 days of bleeding?

Hi everyone. Really hope you can help. I have a 2 year old. Before i got pregnant with him i had a miscarrige, but i got my period exactly a month later,and it lasted the normal 5 days, then exactly a week after it finished i had bleeding again,around the time i was suppose to ovulate, but it lasted only three days, then 3 weeks later i found out i was pregnant again. By the time i saw the doctor he said i was 5 weeks going from the ultra sound but counting from my period, the one that lasted 5 days i was six. Well now i had a period on the 29th August 2005, on the 10th september i started to bleed again, and again around the time i was suppose to ovualte, i wathced it to see how long it would last and its lasted for 5 days, i started puking day after it started and i puked for about 2 days later, i have stopped but i still feel quizy. I was thinking it was either implantation bleeding or ovualtion bleeding am just not sure, i have heard implantation bleeding usually occurs around the time your period is due, but is it possible i could have ovualted earlier than usual so implantation bleeding has occured earlier, or ovualtion bleeding? Has anyone had bleeding for 5 days or more in early pregnancy, after a period to later find out they were indeed pregnant? Please advise :)
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i had a period with this PG it lasted 5 days and i am still PG. it started 2 days prior to my normal AF....implant bleed. it lasted so long because i have a bleeding disorder. i had implant bleeds with both of my pregnancies. a friend of mine had periods for 8 months of her PG. so i would wait a week and take a test....good luck.

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Thank you kimmie that answer helped alot, how far along were u when the bleeding started? Cause like i said my bleeding started around the time i was to ovulate, how would i have conceived, it must have been earlier. I actually stopped taking my pills on the 6th of september, but by September 10th i started to bleed,i was wondering if it was withdrawal bleeding but am so sick, and i have never had withdrawal bleeding before.
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if you stopped your pills the 6th.....bleeding on the 10th is a stopping the pill bleed.....AF. i started bleeding 2 days before AF was due and bleed for 2 days and spotted for 5. i am now 5 weeks PG.

when i was on the pill and stopped taking it i had a really nasty period. did you stop mid pack? i did and that was the worst period ever. remember the pills in the beginning and middle of the pack are stronger and if you stop taking them then your period after will be awful. usually you will start to ovulate 1-3 cycles after stopping the pill. it took the full 3 cycles for me.....i got PG on the 4th cycle. but many women conceive the first one. i recommend counting sept as CD 1 of your cycle and go out and buy an OPK....ovulation predicter kit. start using it CD7 .....there are 7 pee tests....take one a day till a pos comes up. a pos is when the 1st line is as dark or darker than the 2nd line. answer is a easy to read and inexpensive brands. this will let you know if you are ovulating and if you are then when to have sex to best conceive.

once you get a pos.....you will ovulate in 24-36 hrs and it is baby making time! don't get discouraged if it you don't ovulate right away....that is common just off the pill. keep buying and taking the OPK and you should know when you ovulate and then can savor the moment!!!

love, hugs, and baby dust,,,,kimmie
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Thank you once again, i agree with you on that one, i was assuming the same thing, but i wanted to make sure due to me being quizzy. I started back the pill again after my seven day break but i missed my 4th pill took the 5th really late took the 6th on time and i stopped on the 7th which was the 6th of sep. They say i should have completed the back, so my body wouldnt get confused and i wouldnt have a withdrawal bleeding, boy if i knew that before!! now am not so sure wether to expect my period on the 7th of october couting from my withdrawal bleeding or on the 28th sep coutning from my auctual period (I have the 28 day cycle) What do u suggest? Oh by the way, am pretty new here, what does AF, stand for? Thanks Kimmie xxx
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AF = period...aunt flow...lol. i would count from your withdraw bleed. and even then remember it might take a cycle to get back to normal.

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Thankx alot....will do.!!!
Let me know how ur pregnancy is going!!

xxx :)
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