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Cramping but no period???

Hello!  I am really confused right now.  My period is either 6 or 8 days late (Feb. being a short month-my last period began Feb. 14..happy V-day to me haha) and the only period like symptoms I have is some light-medium cramping.  I have taken four HPTs and they all came out negative, but still no bleeding.  I have looked up the signs of early pregnancy, and I do exhibit some of the signs e.g. tender breasts, freg. urination, and fatigue.  My sister has recently moved in with us and I have heard that women can affect one anothers cycles, but could this have happened so soon (in only one cycles time) and so dramatically?  I have NEVER missed a period and the latest it has ever been is three days.  How long should I wait til I take action, and what action would that be??  Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I am at a complete loss and have no one I can go to for help.  Thanks in advance.
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I was the same as you, period never came and I had cramping, but my cramping was much worse. But 5 days after i was late took a test and it was positive! I would say right now is plenty of enough time to take action. If there's a baby in there you want to get proper care as soon as you are able to. I would call the Dr. and let them know what's going on. They may say to wait another week to give you a blood test or come in right away. Mine have always brought me in the same day or next! Good luck to you!!
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Please talk to me.
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I did about 6days ago. and it was negative.
What should I do? Where you actually Pregnant???????
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Thanks! What are some signs of early PG?
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symptoms are different for everyone.  Some symptoms that i had when i was pg, was sore boobs, fatigue.  I didnt have symptoms, funny enough, until i was a week late for my period.  Its hard to say for sure because many early pregnancy symptoms mimic pms symptoms. i was 4 weeks 2 days pg when the morning sickness started and when my boobs got REAL tender.  My best advice is to take a home pregnancy test if you are worried..  Good luck!
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I took a test about 6 days ago and it was negative. I usually don't hurt in my boobs either. This is new to me.
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I have had the problem with my breast that I mentioned earlier and I have been a little tired. Some nausea in the early moring 3am to 6am, not much. Some nausea late at night. icthing around my waist. I have been alittle hungry but that is nothing unusual.
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Thanks Girl! I have really enjoyed talking to you.  I will let you know how it turns out.
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Thanks! I will be in touch!!!
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I will get back on the net tomorrow so be looking for me. I will probably be under Women's Health.
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I just wanted to tell you two that I'm so sorry you're having to go through this. It's hard enough TTC, and the the TTW and now this! I'm sending this little boogers baby dust to you both!

Anyone heard from Greenpixie today?
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Sorry for your struggle.  Will they do a blood test next week?
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