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Are period cramps usually in the same place as pregnancy cramps? My period is due fairly soon and I have mild cramps but there's no spotting. Had unprotected sex two weeks ago. I've never been pregnant so I hope someone could help me! I'm 21. Had unprotected sex with bf over 2 weeks ago (he finished inside me multiple times) and I never keep track of when I ovulate. I've been light headed, dizzy, and nauseous for over a week now. PMS never makes me nauseous or anything like those symptoms. I've been so bloated lately and it's worse at night. It's okay when I sit or lay down, but when I stand up my bloated belly stretches to the point where it makes me nauseous. My lower back hurts. My boobs have been pretty sensitive and they've been sore off and on. I've been craving everything I see. I've also been having period type cramps (dull and full feeling type pain), but it only happens a few times a day. They happen like right in the middle of my uterus or pelvis I guess. My period isn't due for at least a day, but last cycle was only 25 days so I really don't know if I'm late this time around. Also no spotting or anything. My bf wants me to take a test, but I'm not convinced that I'm expecting just yet.. I'm afraid to test because half of me wants to be pregnant.. I hope I'm not imagining anything.. Can you all give me your opinions? Much appreciated.
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It is better to know if you are pregnant, than not to know. I suggest you take a test asap, instead of playing the guessing game ~ your BF deserves to know and has a right to know, he is part of the equation. Also, if you are pregnant, you'll want to choose an ob/gyn and schedule an appointment as soon as you can.  I've never experienced pregnancy cramps, but two of my pregnancies I had flu like symptoms and tender breasts in the 1st trimester; every pregnancy can be different (sometimes you don't experience any sickness)...
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Cramping, at least for me, was in the same area as when I pmsed vs pregnant. Its your uterus that does it so if you normally feel it in your lower abdomen/pelvis area or lower back then it can be caused by pregnancy. You're early to experience all these symptoms but I've known many women who do present earlier than others. Bloating, fatigue, nausea, tender breast, frequent urination, increased appetite, increased senses, dizziness. Those are several pregnancy symptoms that you seem to have. I would take a test. What's the harm? Like I said though, its a little early so it might not show up on a test yet. If you take a test and its negative, wait a week and try again. Or you could just go to the drs and get a blood test done. Good luck!
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So I was messing around with my boyfriend last Friday (it's Thursday of the next week) we didn't have sex but after he cummed on my back and wiped it up with a napkin 30 mins later he started fingering me again. My period is suppose to start in 4-8 days and I'm super super scared I might be pregnant! Help
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