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Evaporation lines Vs Postive lines

So I could really use some opinions or advice..  I have a 28 day cycle (regular on the dot)  and have 7 day long periods.  I started the 3rd of September, ended the 9th. When I calculated my best ovulation window for sep it was the 15th to the 22nd. Not knowing this till much later me and my finace had sex and ejaculated in me Multiple times.  We have a 1 year old daughter,  currently trying for another but not very persistent with it.  So anyways my period should be starting the 30th of September.  So a few days from now. But I've litterally had no signs of a period suppose to be starting.. Normally I get mold swings,  cramp and crave food but of anything I've just been feeling sick and not myself. Anyways I took 2 pregnancy test from cvs that can read as early as 5 days before missed period.  So I took both and got an extremely faint line within 10 minutes.  I mean so faint it looks white.  So I had my mother take a look and she could see the lines right away.  Unfortunately I didnt take it with first mornings pee.  I took it around 1 pm out of curiosity after having #2 but pure water..  Not sure if I took it too early and my hormones aren't any good right now or if it's am evaporation line.  But I've taken pregnancy test in the past and have always got negatives that don't show evaporation lines!!  This is extremely frustrating for me as I'm impatient to the max..  I plan  on testing in the am with first mornings pee..  Hopefully I don't start the 30th though.  
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When I took my first test it was so faint I considered it negative I then noticed it and I'm now 26 weeks so I would say if it came in the time frame allowed its positive.
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The brand I got was a cvs brand and it unfortunately had no time limit for it (but I assumed 5-10) would be good?  But within 4 or 5 mins is when I saw the faint line. Hopefully I'll get some results tomorrow with AM pee
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With all three of my pregnancies,  I never took the test in the morning.  The test say you should do so. But don't have to. I would think, wait until the day of your period to take another test. I have always used the dollar store test that cost $1.07 after tax. So the very cheap ones and got my results in ten seconds.  But... good luck!!
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I took a test 4 or 5 days before my period as a joke for a friend who just found out she was pregnant and mine had a really faint line. I almost fainted but mine also was in the afternoon. I took a clearblue the next morning and it said pregnant. Hope you get the resaults you want :)
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& my lines on the day of my period was due we're very, I mean very dark. So I wouldn't take the test tomorrow,  again wait until the 30th to take the test
I have 10 of then haha so i had to give in and do one this morning.  So at 6am I woke up and used first morning pee and got a faint,  almost negative looking but surely a light faint line once again.  I'm very convinced that if 3 test all show a faint line but 2 out of 3 are brighter that I am indeed pregnant but extremely early.  So I'm going to wait for the 30th and a week after.  Thanks ladies!
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