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HCG Urine Pregnancy Test : " POSITIVE "

What about if a "Virgin Girl"l took HCG Urine Pregnancy Test and the test result come POSITIVE? It means that she's pregnant huh?
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It's possible to get false positive or negative results. take another test or go to a doctor.
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Please let me know, The result comes POSITIVE, so What does this mean? Whether she's pregnant huh? But She's virgin never had sex before. And Is it possible to a virgin girl get positive HCG result?
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False positive
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Or just not a virgin
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Could you please tell me clearly about this? If POSITIVE means she's not a VIRGIN huh?
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HCG result positive but She said I am still virgin and how I can get pregnant. So what's the truth behind this? Please anyone tell me.
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i say go to the doctor and double check on the test. cause unless she's the immaculate mary, i don't think she could get a false positive. i've heard of false negatives, but never false positives.
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Is it possible a VIRGIN girl get HCG test POSITIVE? Because she saying that I am not pregnant and I ma VIRGIN still.
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No a virgin isn't going to have a positive test obviously. So either she's lying to you or the test is faulty and she should see her doctor.
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Oh! Okay Not a VIRGIN and result POSITIVE, It means she's pregnant huh?
You've answered your own question, as have those of us who have commented. If she has a positive test then she's likely pregnant.
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If it's positive she's pregnant and not a virgin, don't understand why a virgin would do a pregnancy test in the first place
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I was wondering the same thing Sammy.
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Hi.  Some doctors give women pregnancy tests as a preliminary to doing other things.  An example would be if you are going to take a medication that is known to harm a fetus, having surgery, etc.  Peeing in a cup is nothing new at the doctors office and it is very easy to check for pregnancy with that routine urine sample.  

False positives are rare but can happen.  I would ask your doctor to perform another test (or take a home test yourself)--  a blood test would be good.  There are reasons why HCG would circulate.  There are actually some very serious things that could cause a false positive that you would want to rule out.  

Virgins can not be pregnant so if you have HCG in your system causing a positive test (or perhaps there is a slip up with testing which DOES happen, as in wrong sample linked to you)==  so you should perform the test from there and then be evaluated further to find out what is causing this.  good luck dear
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Maybe she still thinks she's a virgin because penetration did not occur but he came on the outside and the sperm traveled?
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How long did she wait before reading the test? If she waited longer than the 2-3 minutes recommended, it could be what's called an evaporation line, which makes the test appear positive when it isn't.
If she checked the test within the 2-3 minute range and it was positive, either
a) it's a very rare false positive (highly unlikely)
b) she's not a virgin and she is, in fact, pregnant; or
c) she could have a serious reproductive health issue that causes her to have hcg and she needs to be seen.
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I'm a 34 years old virgin woman. However in the United States there is a saying that 1 in 200 pregnancies are are virgin related. There is a article about it from a 2013 report.  It's the 21st century people, think about how many physical, chemical, hormonal imbalances or abnormalities, rarities, and other disorders as well as diseases that exist? On the other hand ask yourselves these crazy or unusual baffled questions that are at first then later on might be true or possible: 1. Are there things happening that are unusual, strange, or other unaware circumstances that occur? 2. Is there unexplained issues like of beyond the mysterious the beyond the very knowledgeable facts in creation not well understood? 3. Are there any other forms of life besides our own or another physical deminsion? 4. Are there unknown microscopic humanoid like embryonic or egg like structures that might exist from another physical deminsion and implants in a human host in our physical dimension that the unexplained things will happen? 5. Is it possible that even virgins might not know what what their normal menstrual period is and cryptic virgin pregnancy is to a degree that in 21st because throughout the centuries the defect of imperfection is advancing from bad to very through worse to extreme worsening conditions? 6. Of is is true that virginity in the 21st centuries viewpoints on everything that goes on one individuals body is different all because of too many different things happening to people or not everyone really knows what is happening with the individual alone?  However I have bipolar depression,PTSD, PMDD, as well as problems with ovarian cyst, and heavy periods. Of course have never been pregnant because I'm a virgin.  However there are probably going to be surpising things yet to happen in the the 21st century, even new organisms, animals, bacterial,or diseases and so forth not known to us now will probably be in the years to come.
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In addition, not that virgins can't become pregnant pregnant but is low chance or risk. In despite of what I wrote above about the 1 in 200 virgin pregnancies that are said to happen in the United States.  I believe that there is changes that are probably happening in the 21st century. Think of how planetary changes that might happen and how it might effect the human body? Numerous things have not been discovered or explored. What if it did happened to a virgin that she woke up one morning and never experienced sexual intercourse, have invitro fertilization,or artificial insemination of the sperm and finds out she was pregnant and didn't know of it because if was a cryptic or stealth pregnancy in her circumstances?  You might wonder why I say things awkwardly at first and mention them without talking to people face to face? It's like a therapeutic issue to get words out without being rude or hateful to anyone. Sometimes it's my way to telling people of taboo feelings or thoughts about something. In despite of my mental health problems, sometimes you keep some things to yourself forever and it could be something to share.
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