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How soon after implantation bleeding can I take a home pregnancy test?

I have had many signs of pregnancy like, swollen and tender boobs, stomach cramps on the left side, constant diziness and a few light headaches. My last period started on May 13th and I started on June 12th with a very light period. I typically have very heavy periods and this time it is light. I have read all about Implantation bleeding and not sure if that is what I am going thru.  I have heard many things and not sure which to believe. I have heard to wait 2 weeks after i stop bleeding to take a test, some say ok to test while bleeding and others say to wait a few days after I stop. Im not really trying to get pregnant but I would be happy if I was. Anyone have any advice? My periods have never been regular but my husband and I are stressed wondering if i am pregnant. Im thinking it wont hurt to test now while bleeding, in a few days after i stop and then maybe again in a few weeks. Thank you for all your help.
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Waiting is so hard. I know I couldn't wait. I'd be testing every other day till I knew for sure. Good luck. I don't remember the exact time frame as everyone is different and their lvls rise differently... You could try now and see what you get. If it's negative test again in a few days. Do you have 28day cycles or what?
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If your periods aren't regular it's hard to say if u are even ovulating right. I'd definitely take a test though.
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So I took a test this morning and it was negative. Maybe I just had a light period. I will maybe test again in a few days.
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My periods are never on the same cycle. As a teenager I started BC because they were so irregular and I would most likely be in bed in pain for a day during the cycle. They have calm down a ton since then, but they are definately more heavy then what this month has been like. I think I will take one in the morning and then in a few days. I have been bleeding now for about 5 days and I have read implantation bleeding can be 6-14 days long. I just moved and dont have a doctor yet but I might start to research one. Any other suggestions? Open to any :)
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I've always been regular my cycles are every 28 days. I always start my period on the last week of the month. Last month May 28th(monday) i started my period and finished on June 2 (saturday) on the next day my husband and i had sex and he didn't withdrawl. I'm not on any BCP's. On friday the 15th two weeks early i got my period, i had cramps, sore nipples, a few breakouts. The bleeding was brownish and quite quickly became very light. So now it's going on four days but there isn't enough blood coming out to use a pad or tampon. It's only after wiping after using the bathroom is when i see the blood. Could this be implantation bleeding? I took a pregnancy test and just a regular store brand and it came out negative. I guess my question is how long should i wait to test?
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i normally get my period round about the 8th but this month the were early and we were trying to concieve ,this period was shorter about 2and half days and light than deep than light again...so tne next day i took a pregnancy test it was negative was it the right time to take the test or what
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