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I am unsure of what step to take..can i be pregnant?

I am 19 years old engaged soon to be married and my spouse and i are trying to conceive. I discontinued my Depo Provera on March 11-13 of 2015 and i didn't see any spotting until July 3rd- July4th. spotting /light period i am guessing late August to Early September, I am unsure of my last period date due to my irregular periods and the withdrawal from my depo. I called my doctor several times throughout the month concerned with my late period... and why i was only spotting. My spouse and I have had a constant routine of sexual intercourse and then we wait a week and back to it again... This past week i have noticed My breasts have become very tender, i am unable to wear my bra at night due to the uncomfortablity, I am tired way more than usual. I require a lot more sleep. I am irratible... so says my spouse, I have been eating weird foods i never thought i would eat and then i crave it more and more. Such as Mac and tomato juice mixed with ranch dressing. pickled bologna sandwhich with mayo. and tomato... and also the last but not the least i am experiencing white discharge no smell no odor or itch or burning, for the past three days?
Can anyone please tell me anything... about what i may be experiencing? I am very confused and i do not know of a way to track my period if i do end up getting it back.... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.
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Have you tried taking a pregnancy test?
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Only way to find out is taking a pregnancy test if negative wait a week and try again or go to a different clinic and ask them if you can go in to do a blood test to see if pregnant
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I know everyone is different but from my understanding even when you stop taking it the medicine is still in your system and your body is out of whack that's how I was when I got off but I did get pregnant a yr later after getting off of the shot but my period never really got back on track so I didn't even know I was ovulating but anything is possible your body may be different
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Ive began my period but like you its extremely off track and i never know when my ovulation time span is.
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i have not yet taken a pregnancy test. I am afraid of testing to soon... is there any way of knowing when too soon is?
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The clinic I have been going to has pretty much shoved aside any concern of mine, with my period. They said it just may be too soon to start. But the nurse I talked to said with anyone coming off the depo that it could take up to a year for my cycle to regulate. but the people she has seen has already began and started back and is on the track to regulation. When they pregnancy tested me they only do a urine test. I have asked for a blood test and they just ignore my requests.
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